How Would You Answer this One?

Are you done, Mommy? Are you done having issues?

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  1. HA!
    Someone has their Mommy pegged.
    Which one?

  2. Molly Chase says:

    “Not even close. But good looking out.”

  3. hahahah that’s hilarious.

    I’d say “well yes, just for the day”

  4. I would probably respond by having a stroke, but that’s just me.

  5. I would say, “No. Never.”

  6. I’m with Tammy & Molly – “Nope not done yet”. Maybe in 16 or so more years… :)

  7. “Well, I’m sure quite sure. Why, did you want some, too?”

  8. I have kids, therefore I have issues.

    Funny how “having issues” didn’t exist when we were kids – not by name anyway. And yet our kids take our trendy turns of phrase and make them their own with such ease.

  9. After the initial shock wore off, yes I’d probably say, “I don’t know, have you grown up and moved out of the house yet?”

    Give ’em something to think about.

  10. The answer is “No! No I’m not! Now go bring mommy a black and white milkshake.”

  11. “Depends, are you going to bed now?”

  12. “Mommy can issues for at least 30 more years. Then she’s entitled to plastic surgery and low-cost perscription medicines from Canada.”

  13. That probably would have ended it for me. I would have fallen down laughing.

  14. No, not even close to done there, kiddos. So you might want to go hang with your dad for a bit.

  15. While issues are a fairly regular topic in our house given my line of work. I didn’t realize to what extent my then three year old son knew the score, until we had this exchange:

    Me: Where was your friend Bailey today? I didn’t see him. Was he at preschool?

    Son: He didn’t come to school today. He was having issues with his sickness.

  16. has it been a year yet? this is my patented mo-wo.. “I’d leave you six comments but you’ve said it all and you are fuckin’ funny” comment.

    I am laughing my ass off as usual.

  17. I would totally say, “Why yes, thank you for being so concerned about my issues. Next time don’t give me any!”

    he that’s funny stuff…

  18. You could always say, “When you stop subscribing, I’ll have no more issues!”

    Kids! They are too smart!

  19. The only honest answer would be “no”.

  20. “Not for, oh, 16 or so more years.”

  21. “Done? Are you kidding? I’m just getting started!”

  22. “I’m almost done with this one, but there’ll be another one coming along soon…”

    And I hate my rice cooker. I can never get the rice to come out right with it. I’ve gone back to cooking it on the stove. I’m angry with both the cooker and the microwave.

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