Fine. Just sit in pee all day. See if I care.

I think my children have inherited my attitude problem.

I’m trying to get them into regular daytime clothes. It’s after 9:00 am and they are still in their pajamas. We’ve been up since 6:30. Now, still being in jammies at 9:00 on a day we don’t really have much to do isn’t a big deal.

Still being in their overnight diapers IS a big deal. They’ve been wearing them for about 14 hours now.

Why are they still wearing them?

Ian is insisting that Nonny change his diaper. Nonny (his grandmother) is at work. I seriously doubt her boss would understand why she needed to leave work just to come over here and change Ian’s diaper. (Then again, I know her boss, and he’s pretty great. He also really likes Ian, so maybe it is possible.)

In the meantime Ian is just stewing in his own urine.


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  1. I’m beginning to see why three is worse than two….

    We’ve got same attitude issues here, too. Tanner cried for a solid 30 minutes this morning (and normally he’s my “easy” child). Why? Because I put him in a pull-up ~ he wanted underwear (the boy is no where near ready for underwear).

    (bang….bang…banging my head on the wall…)

  2. People who tell me twos are the worst, I look at them and ask them if their child/children made it to three ’cause clearly they’ve never experienced a three year old.

    Good luck with that. My boy will wear his pullup all night and til noon the next day. It’s fun no?

  3. Did you tell her it’s your prerogative as a mother to have issues when it’s convenient for the situation?!?!

  4. Wow.. if the kid can endure 14 hours in a diaper, he’s got a career ahead of him in space exploration. And I just happen to know that NASA is hiring. Now you just need to teach him how to drive from Cape Canaveral to Houston…

  5. Ewww ewww ewww!!!

  6. Mia loves her overnight diapers. Most mornings, she puts on her absolute toddler top speed and jets all over the upstairs trying to prevent me from taking the piss-stinking thing off of her. I’m considering letting her sleep with them instead of Elmo.

  7. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Yeah, I do that sometimes, too.

    I wonder why I’m still single?

  8. 3 is a pain, but I have both a 3 and 2 year old right now, so I am stuck in the worst kind of hell!

  9. That just doesn’t sound like an enjoyable time at all.

  10. It’s at that point I just put a knee on my kids’ chest to hold them down while I force them out of the diaper and put another one on.

    I get brutal sometimes…diaper changing and nose picking sometimes has to be done by force.

  11. I with QofS, sometimes you just need to strap them to a table and change it. Along with cleaning their ears out, getting that crud out of their nose, and clipping their nails. Kinda like a baby tune up.

  12. I always cackled out loud when I read in “the books” that children are ready for potty training when they become “uncomfortable with wet/messy diapers.” If I would have waited till my kids were “uncomfortable” with yucky diapers, my 7 yr. old would still be in Huggies.

    My 4 yr. old (girl)was very easy to train. Whoever hands out the skittles rules the world. My 7 yr. old (boy)was this side of heck to train. Eventually, 2 weeks before he turned 3, I put cotton training pants on him. In short order, he peed on himself and off we went. On the bright side, once he got with the program, he was trained in 3 months….nightime too.


  13. My son makes my husband wait to cheange him until I am around. He only wants me to do it. I say you lucked out that it wasn’t you that he wants.

  14. Isn’t pee smell lovely in the morning?
    I know. I smell it every farking day of my ever lovin’ life.

  15. On the opposite side of the spectrum is my 16 month old daughter, who just today suddenly stood up, said “help help”, and then walked into her room and started trying to climb on to the changing table. I took her diaper off and she had just peed, like it hadn’t even soaked into the diaper yet. I’m thinking she’ll be easy to potty train!

  16. Caity wears her diaper till it is oozing out and through her pants.
    We now keep a towel on her fave chair.
    You can ask and ask and she will no no no at you till you give up… unless I am on my third or fourth cup of joe anyway…I could give a crap.

  17. Dude. The primary reason that WonderBaby wears superabsorbent overnight diapers is so that there’s no rush on the morning change. She HATES getting her diaper changed. HATES HATES HATES and I hate fighting her on it. I treasure the leisurely morning, prior to the diaper battle.

    And, yeah, we stay in jams until we’re leaving the house, pretty much. Why not?

  18. We change them regularly, like it or lump it.

    They SO do not get a vote.

  19. I had the same problem with Emma this morning. Finally my husband snapped “I think you can overpower a 2 year old!” But, honestly, I was enjoying not getting up and changing that diaper.

  20. It’s amazing how much those suckers can hold now isn’t it?

  21. “In the meantime Ian is just stewing in his own urine.”

    It’s really more of a braise.

  22. We had one who didn’t want to have his diaper changed and so the next time he was in the bathtub, and my husband saw he was looking at his wrinkled fingers, my husband inquired, “Do you want your penis to look like that? If not, then you need to let us change your diaper when it is wet.” Cooperation reigned.

  23. Oh, another memory I had managed to repress. The huge, heavy, sopping overnight diaper that the child somehow *preferred* to keep on. And of course trying to get that sucker into the diaper genie after you finally peeled it off….and it squished out urine all over the place. Good times.

    I suddenly have new appreciation for the fact that these days, my biggest argument with the kids in the morning is whether they plan to brush their hair before school. That and the why-do-I-bother-putting-a-hamper-in-your-room-if-you-are-just-going-to-dump -your-dirty-clothes-on-the-floor-right-in-front-of-your-EMPTY-hamper.

    But still. Better than marinating in their own body by-products. mk

  24. hahahahaa beth :)

    the 4 year still has moments of “no one but grandma” too!

  25. First of all – no worries on it being 9 am and their still in pjs. My son goes to school at 12:30 and he’s usually in his pjs until about 10 mins before he has to leave.

    As for the diaper, it makes me think of an episode of Fairly Odd Parents when a baby’s diaper absorped a bunch of water. Can’t get that mental image out of my head!

  26. Izzy just wants to be naked. In the morning he takes off his goodnights and jammies and stays naked until I get him dressed. If we aren’t going anywhere? He shlups around in his birthday suit all day. If we are going somewhere? He reluctantly gets dressed and then the minute we get home…he strips.

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