Would You Guys Mind Rooting Against Georgetown?

No offense to Georgetown. I mean – I was born in Ohio, but that isn’t really the problem. The problem is that I am going on a 627 mile road trip tomorrow. It is going to be just the kids and me. We’re going to take two days to make the trek to Atlanta. (Sorry Nonny, if I don’t tell them we’re going to Atlanta this post makes no sense.)

I just realized that the Final Four is in Atlanta.

Here is my concern. If Georgetown wins, there is a good chance that Ian, Claudia, me and 15,000 crazed Hoyas will be driving from D.C. to Atlanta. There will be traffic and State Troopers every 10 miles trying to cash in on the speeders.

So, you can see my interest in Ohio State winning the game. I mean – a big part of my plan to get through a road trip like this with two year old twins was driving really, really fast. How am I going to do that with all of those other people in my way?

Help me out here. Please, root against Georgetown.


(Don’t be jerks. I said please.)

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  1. A little Dimetapp before the trip…then every six hours. They’ll sleep like babies.

    My mom’s dirty little secret.

  2. I want Ohio State and Georgetown to lose. I’m backing the Bruins, painful as that is for me. Gotta support the Pac-10.

  3. Michelle says:

    I’m already voting for OSU. Oh, and I live in Atlanta. My advice, go somewhere else! The Final 4 isn’t the only major event happening here this weekend. Great planning by the city. I plan on not leaving my house, not even for booze. Which sucks because my kids and I have been stuck in the house stuck with a nasty stomach bug all week and we REALLY need to get out!

    Also, the pollen here: ridiculously high. No one can breathe or see for all the yellow crap all over everything!

  4. how long are you going to be there, again?
    i’m moving like Weds or Thurs…….

  5. If people or vehicles are in your way, I recommend super go-go gadgets. I wish my car had them.

  6. Why does your mother-in-law care if you say you are going to Atlanta? Sounds a little Helenish.

  7. Hey, your wishes must have worked…

  8. Looks like you got what you wanted.

  9. Thanks Everybody!

  10. Seems reasonable to want the traffic on your side. Not reasonable is hopping into a vehicle with two toddlers for a two day drive. Crazy.

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