If Cute Could Kill

If cute could kill, I would have died last night when Claudia and her cousin Zoe put on these matching Dora nightgowns.

I’m serious. This isn’t even the cutest thing that they did. There was some dancing.

I have a cousin that is two years older than me. When we were little I always wanted to be like her. When we wore matching clothes I always felt so cool. I hope that this feels the same way for Claudia.

I would post a picture of Renee and Me wearing matching leotards (we always used to make up dance routines or shows and force the entire family to pay money to watch them) but I am not home and so I don’t have access to all of the old pictures that I stole from my Mom’s house all of my photographs.

Instead, I give you: a picture of Ian wearing funny nose glasses.

Not bad, huh?

I know, it’s no three year old Sarah in legwarmers, but it’s still pretty funny.

Okay, I’ve got to go talk my Mom into buying me some shoes quick before we go back home. I know there is a store really close to my brother’s house where I can get the pair of Keens that I have been eyeing.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Good luck on the shoe thing… I usually hit my dad up for that kind of thing… he is a much softer touch when it come to me, my mom just tell me to go make my own money.

  2. You suck…and I mean that in the nicest of ways, but come on! Because I am so unhip that I still even use the word “hip”, I had no idea what Keens even were so I blingo’d them (I still have never won in case you are keeping track!) and found some that I totally want. It’s almost my birthday though, so maybe I can consider them an early birthday present to myself since I don’t have cool parents that buy me things.

  3. What great pictures. Good luck on the shoes.

  4. In our house the eyeglasses/nose combo is referred to as “Shnozz-n-specs”
    Adorable pictures! I bet you’ll get the shoes…

  5. too cute!
    Hey, I’m going to miss you, obviously – they are loading the truck tomorrow and we won’t be in GA until Sat morning.

    Come back to see your brother soon!

  6. Love the matching Dora nightgowns. Baylee would be undone with jealousy if she saw them. Also? B&B have a girl cousin 3 years older than them and it is complete hero worship on Baylee’s part. She asks to call her every day. Since she won’t be getting a sister (I have two who are my very best friends), I’m glad she loves/looks up to her cousin.

  7. thanks for the update! i love the pics!

  8. Luck!

    Also, with the matchy-match clothes? Adorable. The kids are having Twin Day at school today, Kira and her best friend already had the same outfit, and are wearing it, and Mark and the other five boys in his class are wearing shirts with “6” stencilled on them. (get it? Six boys in sixth grade?)

    Mark actually *has* twins in his class, but they never win on Twin Day. Funny, huh? mk

  9. R is only 3 years older? Isn’t that funny? I always thought she was sooooo much older than that.

  10. Woo-hoo! Got the Dora gown at Target. Yesterday. Baylee better show her appreciation.

  11. That picture is adorable. I wish my girls’ cousins lived closer so we could enjoy scenes like that.

  12. Your kids are so darn adorable!

  13. Sooo sweet! My niece just turned 14 and I called to tell her happy b-day and reminded her that when I had my first baby (also a girl) that she didn’t like her at all!!! Now they are the best of friends.

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