You Go on the Road for ONE Afternoon

You go on the road for one afternoon and you miss your stat counter going over 100,000 hits.

Thanks guys. I really appreciate you all reading.

I would love to say that I got here after watching "The Secret" the other night (my Mom thinks she knows the secret, but she really slept through most of it), but I’ve been focusing all my positive energy and using the law of attraction to conjure a cleaning lady.

(Great. Three of you got that joke.)

What was I saying? Oh right. Thanks for coming here all of the time. Now go click on my ads. Please. It will help the universe along with that cleaning service thing. (The same three people are laughing their asses off, I assure you.)

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  1. I’ve been trying to conjure up a promotion for my husband. So far, no luck. Stupid movie.

  2. yeah I am clearly NOT one of the three people. But congrats on going over 100k hits… that is huge!

  3. 100,000…a lot of hits! Congrats.

  4. Apparently I didn’t see the movie, either.

    100k hits? Wow. Congrats.
    As for ads… yeah, I know. I have like one out of 1000 visitors click on one. Total earnings so far something like $20 – and Google doesn’t pay until you hit a hundred bucks…

    Oh well.

  5. Congrats on both the 100,000 hits and surviving a road trip with twins.

  6. Hehe… I tried to conjure up someone to come take my Christmas decorations down. No one came. So I ended up taking them down. In February.

    Congrats on the readership!! 😀

  7. I almost always click on the ads, but my problem is that I intend to click just for your profit and then I find something I want. I am such a consumer!

  8. Wow. I have so far had 1197 hits. Total. And I am now making the big “Loser” sign on my forehead.

    Congrats to you! Was your 100,000th a regular or a random? mk

  9. Of course you will be breaking down those numbers to let each of us know our specific contribution to that number. Oui?

  10. Courtesy of placenta brain, I’m thinking you got 100k hits IN A DAY and thinking wow, that’s more than Dooce!


    Well, sometimes you’re funnier than Dooce. You deserve it.
    Welcome home.

  11. You keep writing and we’ll keep clicking…

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