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I wrote this for Strollerderby, then I realized that Stefania had already covered this, so I’m posting it here so it won’t be a total waste of time.


Okay, this one is kind of funny. A principal in Pennsylvania is suing four high school students that he says posted a MySpace page that used his name. The profile said he liked having sex with students and smoking drugs. It also said he keeps beer at school.

Eric W. Trosch used to be a co-principal at Hickory High School. He claims that the fake MySpace page was humiliating. Trosch also says that it hurt his future earning potential and damaged his reputation. He is now the principal at a middle school. Sheesh. Middle school kids are even worse – and they have more free time in front of the computer.

Seriously, I would be mad too. This is something that is kind of unnerving. Anybody could make up a MySpace/Classmates/Friendster page on anyone else and say anything they wanted. It is actually a pretty good way to get revenge. If I were anybody involved in this decision I would watch my back.

It is also kind of funny – but only because it didn’t happen to me.

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  1. I guess it would be upsetting but I don’t take anything seriously when it comes to myspace.

  2. My perspective is probably different because I am a school administrator. One of my teacher’s husbands is an assistant principal at a high school, and a student that was expelled created one on him. Not funny. The student wasn’t even as crude as he certainly could have been, but it’s still not fun to know that someone could do this to you.

    As for the student suspended…we couldn’t suspend a student for that at a public school. Who knows what you can do at a private school. HOWEVER, MySpace has become a huge problem at our school, and I’m K-5. About half of our 5th graders have them, and most don’t have them set to private. I logged on and looked at one after a little girl was in tears at our school because she had given a girl her password to “create a cool background” and the other girl changed her entire profile, calling her a lesbian, saying she couldn’t read because she is in special ed (she really is), and making fun of a scar she has on her face. To me, that crosses the line from something done at home to bullying that carries over to school. This was the first time we’ve dealt with an issue like this.

    It was my first time to see MySpace for one of our students, and out of curiosity, I clicked around ond different “friends” to see what some of them were writing. I now know some of our (former/now middle and high school) students’ favorite sexual positions, that they got drunk last weekend, etc…

    As a result of this and things like this, our district now holds regular parent meetings to show them what their children are capable of doing on MySpace and other social networks.

    Sorry for taking up so much comment space.

  3. John McCain hired some dude to to make a myspace page for him. the guy totally fucked him over, and put stuff on McCain’s official site saying he is in favor of gay marrage, increasing the minimum wage and some other stuff. It wasn’t even considered hacking because McCain hired him. priceless.

  4. It is funny! Because like you said- it wasn’t me! It is kinda scary that people can do that now!

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