The Princess is Displeased

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  1. Now THAT’S a pic for posterity!

  2. Of course she is. Her sandwich is all burnt up!!

  3. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    I don’t know what you put in that grilled cheese, but I don’t think that face is screaming ‘4-star, NY Times Food review’. More like, ‘What level of Dante’s version of hell have you sent me, and why, mommy? Why!?!?!’

    Apparently, you have a very well-read child.

  4. *giggle*

  5. That grilled cheese looks perfect to me! 😀

  6. Poor Princess :), guess she wasn’t hungry.

  7. Bwahahahahahaha.

    Of course, how sad is it that I see that picture and think, Claudia must have Glitter Princess Sleeping Beauty?

  8. The title makes this picture so funny!

  9. Save this photo to display at her wedding rehearsal dinner.

  10. Kid Drama!!!! I love it

  11. Dang mom, feeding her highness burned grilled cheese! Tisk, tisk!

  12. OMG!! that is the same face mine use to make when I fed him something on wheat and with the crust!! God I miss those days lol.. He is in college now and eats junk food!

    Love the face

  13. De in D.C. says:

    Apparently it just isn’t good enough for her highness unless it has a Virgin Mary on it. I hope you have a spare $28,000 sitting around.

  14. Yes. It is wheat bread.

  15. Nice!!!

  16. Too funny!

  17. The expression on her face is priceless. What a doll. :)

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