I’m in my car. I’m stealing the internet connection of some people who live down the street from me. The kids fell asleep on the way home from the doctor’s office.

My stupid power has been out for over 24 hours now.

Oh yes, and both of my children have ear infections.

Do you want to know what is really gross? It becomes a huge when someone throws up in your bed and you have to use flashlights to clean up barf. This is especially annoying if she is screaming the whole time.

Do you think I should hurry up and drink all my beer before it gets skunked?

Maybe I’ll edit this later so it makes more sense, but in the meantime this guy is walking over to my car to see what the hell I am doing parked in front of his house. I bet I look creepy out here with my laptop. I hope he doesn’t have any enemies that look like me.


On the Other Hand

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  1. Hope your power comes back soon, the kids stop barfing, and the neighbor didn’t call the police. You have totally earned a beer.

  2. What is up with the power? And the barf? Drink up.

  3. Oh man, that sucks. I have power, but my internet is out at home. I blame everything on the wind.

  4. Drink. Drink heavily!
    Well, ok, I guess the kids need supervision so, maybe you should limit it to a few.

    Hope everything works out very very quickly!

  5. Barf looks more romantic by candlelight. Save your flashlight batteries for intruders.

  6. Ack, that’s terrible!!! I hope your neighbor was friendly…

  7. Are you saying that you are skulking around the neighborhood with not one, but two Stealth Barfers?

    If you have twins with ear infections, do you have four ear infections? Are you having a tympanic attack? (ar ar)

  8. Dude I’m sooo sorry to hear about your bad luck. Cool idea about stealing the web signal. Hope the kids get to feeling better.

  9. Oh, that sucks. I hope the power comes back on soon and the barfing stops.

  10. Yeah, you’ve earned that beer. But won’t it seem a little weird drinking in the middle of the afternoon while cleaning up barf from two sick kids, and in the dark? It would be less weird in the light, but then I guess you’ve lost your best excuse. Shrug. Just go for it.

  11. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    It sounds like you should skip the beer and go directly to the sweet delicious liquor. Hard liquor. Not that cheesy soft crap.

  12. Awww….Sarah…I’m sorry to hear about the power, barf and psycho neighbor guy. Doesn’t he understand how important it is to blog? And you need internet connection for that?

    I hope it all gets better soon.

    Dawson just got over and ear infection last weekend. I’m so happy because his whiny crying was driving me to drink, too!

  13. Not that I’m laughing at your misfortune or anything but if I had been drinking milk it definitely would have shot out my nose several times while I was reading this post.

    Hope the babies feel better soon!

  14. My husband does internet security for a living, so no one would be able to steal ours, but I have been known to use our neighbors at times when ours is down. My husband shakes his head and tells me I should tell them that their internet is not secure. If I told them, they would fix it and I wouldn’t have backup!

    Hope everyone feels better soon, now drink that beer fast!

  15. Wow, and I thought I had it bad because the stupidass storm made me tell my children that, sorry, Thomas has to stay in the station today because of the storm. (We were supposed to see the REAL Thomas on Sunday.) But that doesn’t even come close to barf with no electricity.

  16. Is the guy approaching your car married to the neighbor who cuts your lawn? You have creepy neighbors.

  17. Drink, drink, drink. I love that you are stealing the neighbors internet! ha ha. I have had to resort to drastic measures too…. Unfortunately I’ve had to steal my work laptop as my personal computer is on the brink and to make matters no connection at work! Life couldn’t be worse…… I actually have to be productive. Yikes….

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