Not Bad for Her First Try


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  1. At least she didn’t spell something worse…


  2. Was she hanging upside down from the top of the Fridge?

  3. Not bad!

  4. Hey, all of those letter are actually in her name. That’s a lot better than not bad.

  5. I just sat and laughed at your laser beam shooting child for five minutes…

    thats really cute. good for her…I love the fridge magnet stuff.

  6. I got one of those at Ikea

  7. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Too bad it wasn’t ‘REDRUM’. Imagine telling Gabe that all those times you swore she was evil…heh…turns out you were right!

  8. Cool! Now you’ll have to start censoring your words or you might find them on the fridge. LOL

  9. Pretty soon she’ll be doing angsty magnetic poetry.

  10. Awesome! Did she know which letters were in her name — just not the order?

    That really is cool. Dawson is far from spelling his name. I feel bad. Maybe it’s because I work too much and I don’t spend enough time with him…..ugh. Damn mommy guilt.

  11. Ben only has THREE letters to work with and he insists that his name is spelled “Elle, Eye, Oh. Ben.”

    I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.

  12. Hey, I hear WaPo is hiring …

  13. I have kids that come into kindergarten that can’t spell their names as well as Claudia. You should be quite impressed with her, I know I am!

  14. The letters on my fridge use to be a very fun thing for my kids. Now that they can spell their name, the grown ups seem to be using it more these days. At least yours didn’t have on it what mine did Sunday night…

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