You Like Me, You Really Like Me

As much as I’ve been trying not to think about it, I was kind of sad that I hadn’t been nominated for any of those Blogger’s Choice Awards.

And then I was voting today (which I tend to do about every other day. Did you know you can vote for more than one person?) I ran across myself! It turns out my new best friend, Ali, nominated me for Best Parenting Blog and Hottest Mommy Blogger.

I’ve never been nominated for hottest anything before. Actually, I think the last thing I was nominated for was the office of historian for my twins club (yes, I suck that much. Shut it.) Threes of people have already voted for me already. Feel free to join the fun.

(Thanks Ali. As Claudia would say – you made this a happy day.)

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  1. Did you know you can get the code for those badges directly from your listing on BCA so that the links will point people directly to the page where they can vote for you? That way they don’t have to sift through dozens of other hot moms to find you! :)

  2. hey can you post a direct link?

  3. um, of COURSE i nominated you. anyone who can rock a guitar like that is ACES in my books :)

  4. Awesome! I will head over pronto!

  5. Rock on woman! I actually sat there the other day trying to figure out if you and a couple other bloggers had been nominated yet, but then my birthday came and I got preoccupied with my partying it up and I never got back to the whole nomination thingy! LOL

    Anyway, voted for you. Good luck!!

  6. Congrats! And none of that “it’s such an honor just to be nominated” stuff.

  7. I need to know what party you are running under before I vote.


  8. I’d nominate you for most likely to make me laugh when im having a shitty day.

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