It’s Official: I am Going to BlogHer

BlogHer '07 I'm<br /> Going

I’ve got my registration in, I’ve got my roommates, now all I need is a plane ticket.

I’ll see you guys in Chicago. (Unless of course you chose Sting over me, like some people.)

Yeah, so about that plane ticket, feel free to click on my ads. I think if you were each to click on one every day from now until July 27th this blog could actually start paying for itself.

Okay, so who else is going?

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  1. Argh. Good for you. I’d love to go again, but it’s doubtful.

  2. Not going, but green with envy! Hope you have a fantastic time!!

  3. I think I need to start drinking now so I can reach a tolerance level somewhere close to yours. Otherwise, I’m a gonner at Blogher.

    See you there! w00t!

  4. I wish I could go to BlogHer this year, but alas, I will have had a baby less than 2 weeks before that and don’t think that flying with a not-2-week-old and a fresh c-section incision is such a good idea. Will be there (wherever it is) next year.

  5. I got some rebate thing for buying a new dust buster – it’s something about a free plane ticket. If there is a deadline yu can have it. If there is no deadline, I’m coming to visit you!

  6. Sigh, well I booked a room…optimistic.
    Dh does want me to go..but now I don’t have a passport and that is still the weekend that he was going to go to San Diego BUUUUT now with his mom sick…..

    EEEEEEH I wanna go!

  7. I’m going, but only on Saturday, unless some major ad clicking happens between now and then. How do we all find each other for the drinking?

  8. Yes, Sarah, how will we find each other for the drinking? I mean besides the people falling into hot tubs fully clothed or molesting statues or being loud? Oh wait. That would actually be helpful!

    Your roomies sounds awesome…in that Holy Crap Does The W Know What They Are Getting Into Allowing That? 😉

  9. I’m way too cheap to attend something like that. And too shy.

  10. Not sure. We have travel the weekend before and the weekend after, and I’m not sure if I have enough vacation leave and money to hit Chicago too! But I’m considering it.

  11. I had to sell a kidney, and my soul, but I’m going.

  12. I will absolutely be there!

  13. crap…you and karen are going to be there? now i think i HAVE to go…

  14. Aviva and I will be there too. I think we’re supposed to have some kind of connected room to SGSS.

  15. I’ll be there! I’m so excited. It’s my first time. I’m a BlogHer virgin. Be easy on me.

    Wait, that’s for the Queen, she’s gotta go easy on me.

    I’ll click your ads if you click mine. Is that cheating?

  16. YAY! I can’t wait to meet you!

  17. Okay Sarah, Arwen and I are going to THE POLICE AT FENWAY with Crouton Boy AND Mr and Mrs Big Dubya AND GoGoBimbo and about 10 other people who don’t blog. We even invited Ms. Chicky since we’re practically neighbors, but she was all “um, I’m busy”…. something about a dentist appointment or bikini wax or something, then I read your comments and see she’s going to BlogHer too! That lying bitch.

    So next year, hell or high water, we’ll be there.. that is, unless Tears for Fears and Maxi Priest announce a summer tour. Then you’ll have to entertain yourselves without us. again.

  18. Damn, I should of made the effort to go last year when it was in my backyard. Besides, last time I told Sarah I’d buy the drinks. I going to keep trying to get out of that.

  19. I want to go, I do! Do you think I can bring my little one? He’s a total slingbaby….

  20. I’m going. I haven’t gotten my registration or plane ticket yet but I AM GOING!

  21. i’m going!
    i’m way scared, but i’m going.

  22. How do we all find each other for the drinking?


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