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All This Attention Over One Little Phrase

I read Wonkette almost every day. So does everybody else in D.C.. Do you want to know how I know? Wonkette linked to me yesterday. I’ve gotten over 560 hits from this link so far. I usually don’t get 560 hits in an entire day. What did I post that was so newsworthy that it […]

You Type Something ONE TIME and Look What Happens

I tried to make it big enough to read but I suck at computers. Still, it says what you think it does. I am the number one hit on Google for “hermaphrodite midget porn”. I blame Chris.


No, our TV didn’t suck me in. In fact, it completely died and we had to buy a new (and way cooler) television set. The tv didn’t try to hurt me at all, but this almost did me in. I don’t really want to talk about it anymore, but I will say this it was […]

I Need either an Electrician or that Short Lady from Poltergeist

Here is something I’ve never even heard of before. Sometimes when we are watching television my TV just turns off. If I hit the power button nothing happens. The only way we can make the tv turn back on is to plug it into another outlet in our power strip. Before you tell me the […]

I Love Kids

I love kids. Not just my kids. I love most little kids, and I don’t mean that in the Lolita kind of way, either. Little kids just crack me up. There is something about the ages between 2 and 6 that I just think is great. I was dropping The Goon Squad off at preschool […]

Randomness Part 77

I know it isn’t nice to make fun of people that are really, really, really high, but this clip over on The Zero Boss is pretty funny. Speaking of funny, The Kaiser sent me this headline – “Man Suspected of Killing Prostitute With a Hoe”. Hoe with an “e” mind you. Does your regular swimwear […]

Nothing to See Here

I carry my camera with me almost everywhere. So why don’t I have one single picture from our dinner last night at Chris and Beth’s house? (I know I should list them in alphabetical order or put Beth first because I knew her first, but I still have trouble with making things that end in […]

Could I be any Less Mature?

Goon Squad and I are watching “Blue’s Clues”. It is an episode about planets and Steve keeps saying “Uranus spins on it’s side” and I can’t stop giggling. It also makes me feel a little bit squirmy. I have the maturity of a 12 year old boy. Aren’t you glad you waste your time reading […]

A Meeting, A Picture and Some Searches

I have had the best luck meeting other bloggers. This afternoon The Squad and I went out to lunch with Steve from the Hygiene Chronicles. We had a great time. Steve let Ian play with his cell phone so they were instantly best friends. They also accused each other of being hamburgers. I don’t know, […]

Cell Phone Picture Extravaganza: Your Photos

You people crack me up. I asked for pictures from your cell phones and you came through. Tammy had so many she had to do her own post. You have to go look, I don’t want to give away too much, but it includes what appears to be a firetruck that says something very inaprropriate. […]

Maybe a Little Bit of Information can be too Much

I try to give my kids the correct words for things. You know, anatomy words. I suppose this is why I keep having to tell Claudia that she can’t carry Chutes and Ladders around in her uterus. Now she is calling it her “uterus game”. I sincerely hope they don’t have Dora Chutes and Ladders […]

I Don’t Think this Counts as T.M.I.

If I am telling you too much, I apologize in advance. I just don’t know who else to tell when my gynecologist tell me that I have a perfect pelvis. A perfect pelvis? I had no idea. I was very flattered. Of course, she had to go and wreck everything by telling me that I […]