She said “A Scary Day”

Claudia cries every time I drop her off at preschool.

Well, until last week she did. Now that we are in our last month of the two year old program she has decided that she likes school and she loves her teachers. She even (allegedly) pees in the potty at school.

I have been feeling really good about school and even though I am sad that this year is almost over and I will miss the two year old teachers I have been excited about next year.

When I picked up The Squad from school today I asked how their day was. Claudia said “Bad”.

My heart sunk.

Me: You had a bad day?

Claudia: I had a scary day.

Now I was nervous, but their teacher was standing right there looking perplexed.

Me: Why was it scary? What happened?

Claudia: The stegosaurus.

I don’t know who was more relieved, me or the teacher, but we both played along, Oh, was the stegosaurus on the playground? Was it big?

My kids talk about dinosaurs all day long. On the way to school this morning they said they were taking baby T-Rexes to school, but they were nice ones.stegosaurus

I’m glad they have vivid imaginations, but I was really nervous for a second. I don’t think I ever want to hear that one of my children had a scary day again. Even if they are joking. I love preschool. I love the kids and the school and I especially like the part where I get to go to the grocery store all by myself. I trust the teachers and the staff, and in a co-op situation I always feel like having another parent in the classroom is extra protection. No one would let something someone mistreat my kids when their own kid was in the same situation, right?

I am not really an overprotective hovering “helicopter” type parent. I want my children to grow up to be independent. I don’t want them to need me all of the time, but man, this letting go thing is tough sometimes.

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  1. You should get her a real baby T-Rex, because nobody wants to mess with a girl with her own attack dinosaur.

  2. Heh. I get this. Mimi will sometimes come home from day care and say, in a *very* serious voice, “Mom, I have bad news.” I expect the worst but it turns out to be something like the school ran out of chicken nuggets or her teacher lost a favorite pen.

    Hope she doesn’t have any nightmares about aforementioned dinosaurs tonight.

  3. Aww, that is scary (what Claudia said. Not the stegosaurus). Do your kids know about the Harry and the Dinosaurs books (also a cartoon that you can get on Kids on Demand but there are only ever the same two damn episodes)? Super cute.

  4. The PB & The J do the same thing… you immediately think of something awful and then, like with Claudia, it’s something in their imagination or something trivial.

  5. I never plan to let go myself… And being a teacher in real life I guess its home school for my squad.

  6. On Monday at pick up my oldest (she’ll be 5 in June) told me that there was a stranger in the old house, which is really a storage shed, behind their playground. Turns out one of the boys in her room told her a scary story about a stranger with A KNIFE. Oh my God. I was so mad. I told her if he ever scares her like that again to go straight to her teacher. She seems fine now and has not mentioned it again after I told her he was just teasing her and it was all made up but I will go to her teacher to talk about it if needed.

    And I consider myself “laid back,” whew.

  7. Rhonda says:

    It isn’t any easier letting go when they get older. I oftten find myself wondering where the time has gone. One minute my kids were here and needing me and the next… Well it just seems like they have grown out needing me. Enjoy it guys. It moves way to fast!!

  8. I can’t imagine how I will react to any of this. Yep, I’m a total “helicopter” and “micro-manager”. I know I need to release my grip at some point, but I’m just not ready.

    Added you to my “twin sightings….

  9. Did someone else bring the Stegosaurus and it kicked her T-Rex’s ass? Bcse it’s easy to discount the Stegosauras as an asskicking dino but that tail is vicious.
    Perhaps her T-Rex suffered a fatal blow…..
    (seriously do you have the dino website? it rules, we spend HOURS on it.)

  10. I TOTALLY don’t want to let go. I want my boys to be independent and creative. I just want them to want me to be there with them too…. We start preschool in the Fall, and I’ve got such mixed emotions!

  11. I’m going to suck at letting go. I just know it.

  12. Jackie says:

    The letting go does not get easier. My son is 15 and really wanting more freedom. Its hard to know how much freedom to give and when.

    Best of luck!

  13. I’m frigging 33 years old and my mom (not my wife, my MOM) still calls me after every business trip to make sure I made it home ok. And I travel 20 weeks a year.

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