Happy Virtual Birthday Mr. Big Dubya

Kara, over at Cape Buffalo is throwing a virtual birthday party for my blog friend, and yours, Mr. Big Dubya.six of corona sixpack

For my virtual birthday gift I’ll be giving him Corona.

1) Because it is tasty and

2) Because it is on sale for Cinco De Mayo.

I’ll even throw in the limes. Happy birthday Warren!

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  1. Party? Party? did I hear something about Coronas and a Party?

  2. Hey! Save of those Coronas for me!

  3. I’m all hopped up on virtual Guinness myself. And Sarah, aren’t you drinking Zima? Heh, heh! Party, party, party!

  4. Did you say party?! I’m in. Just not beer. Don’t like the stuff…… But I’ll tip my glass with a wee bit of wine in it…

  5. Hey, Sarah! Thanks for coming! Crouton Boy puked in one of my plants, could you help me clean it up?

  6. Are you sure those Coronas are going to make it to the party? I hear Kara’s serving Zima. Better sneak a couple of beers before you get there.

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