They Pull Me Up then they Beat Me Back Down

I was at the grocery store yesterday (No big shock there. I spend a very large percentage of my waking hours at the various grocery stores lately.) and when I was checking out I got carded.

Hooray! I’m 34 years old and I love being carded. I mean, who wouldn’t? Remember those commercials or maybe they were public service announcements about carding people for alcohol and they said something like “I.D. people, you could make a 35 year olds day”? Anyway, I have become the lady in that commercial.

So I thank the cashier and he starts telling me how young I look then going into some strange speech about taking care of yourself while I bask in my compliment.

I was feeling pretty good. Then there was an odd non-English exchange between the cashier and the bagger. The bagger looked at me and pointed to a 12 pack of beer and said “These are both for you?” Then there was some more non-English conversation and the cashier translated for me “He thinks you drink too much”.beer


Okay, I was feeling pretty good about myself and now I feel kind of like an alcoholic. I mean I was only buying one bottle of wine and two twelve packs of beer.

Come on! It’s almost Cinco de Mayo. Corona is on sale!

(That isn’t me in the picture.)

At this point I didn’t know if I should go with the happy youthful feeling or the Mom that is buying two twelve packs and a bottle of wine on a Thursday night feeling. Gabe says the whole thing is a wash so it is okay to act as if nothing happened.

Besides, we only drank the bottle of wine.

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  1. I carded a man today who was born in 1939…what is that like 68? I don’t know what i pushed, but the machine said i needed his birthdate…i think he thought i was crazy.

  2. Dude, you should definitely not invite that bagger over for Cinco de Mayo. The checker though, maybe.

  3. Go with the compliment! The bagger just doesn’t know how to have a good time like the rest of us.
    I myself plan on buying 2-12 packs of Corona on my home tonight.
    So there….take that you silly bag-boy!

  4. Some people and their odd opinions. That bagger must be a lightweight.

  5. I love being carded too, only now it’s because I look too young to get the Senior Citizen discount. So it goes…

  6. I love how you think you need to make us so aware that isn`t you in the picture….ha ha ha ha ha!

  7. If I wasn’t pregnant, I’d be buying two bottles of good tequila, so I say go for it. Two twelve-packs? That’s nothing! Maybe it’ll last you a month and a half, maybe you’re having a party. Maybe you’re just having a two-person party and it’s none of his business.

    Go for the compliment, and enjoy the Corona. Heck, have an extra for the pregnant ladies who can’t…

  8. Just be glad you can buy beer at the grocery store. I have to go to a separate liquor store and can’t go with the twins which means I don’t hit the liquor store nearly as often as I’d like

  9. Ada drags me into the grocery store near us and when I ask her what we need to buy, cheerfuly responds “beer!” I hope the bagger doesn’t think she drinks too much.

  10. I can’t remember the last time I was carded. Ahhhh, youth, slipping away….

    Saturday it’s my turn to bring treats for my son’s soccer team. My husband suggested that along with mini-Gatorades for the kids, I should offer shots of tequila for the parents to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. If only. That would make me the BEST soccer mom ever.

  11. Sigh..I was just thinking about our last trip to the mini mall. We hit the grocery store, the market and the meat shop and then when dh suggested hitting the liquor store…I said I was too tired and couldn’t be bothered!

    What the frak is that???

  12. They’re just jealous that you can obviously handle your booze and they can’t.

  13. Dude, be happy with the compliment! And be proud of the fact you can down a couple dozen!!!!! A true woman!

  14. Let’s see–struggles with the English language, sexist, misogynistic, judgmental and can’t keep his opinions to himself. HMMMM. Who knew Imus would wind up bagging groceries after getting sh*t-canned by CBS.

  15. Only one bottle of wine?! Lightweight. ha ha… I buy the super duper case lot at Costco. You never know when you’re going to have a party. With yourself. *grin*.


  16. I get carded at least once a week… at the age of 40. LOL I find it funny since most of them doing the carding are at least a decade or two younger than me. Take the compliment and enjoy your beer. And wine. And more beer! 😉

  17. ALWAYS go with the happy youthful option.

    I had a strange conversation with a grocery store checker yesterday that I may write about some day. Why are we both always in the grocery store though???? Can’t the groceries just take care of themselves already?

  18. So that means you’ve got 24 bottles of beer sitting there, waiting to be drunk?

    I’ll be right over.

  19. The way I look at it, if as the mother of twins I’m not entitled to drink a case of beer, then there is no justice in this world.

  20. I’m 37 so I treasure those “May I see your ID ma’am (ugh…with the ma’am)” moments with all my heart.

    And thanks for reminding me I need to make a Cinco de Mayo beer run.

  21. What is it with baggers and booze? I had to point to the picture and explain that the name of the wine means Black Cat.

    (skipping through the wal-mart parking lot)
    I just got carded and complimented.
    I. got. carded.
    Yah! for Coronas being on sale.

  23. I think I would have pulled the cashier over the register and kissed him. Then I would have smacked the bagger guy. God knows what I would have done after the Corona was gone.

  24. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    I’m 34, as well (I thought I was the only one born in ’73…so much for being special) and got carded Friday while buying a bottle of wine. The cashier who carded me sees me regularly attached to alcohol and has never carded me before. She said it was a compliment. It’s times like those when I wish I carried an ID that says I’m, like, 17. “Ooooh, SNAP!”, I’d yell. “You’ve been selling alcohol to a minor for 15 months!” Geniuses.

  25. tracey says:

    I’d go with the “I got carded joy”, although when you respond to the request for ID with a big grin you can see on their faces that they know you’re old enough to by beer.

    BTW I stopped by the ABC store to get a bottle of Vodka, with my 8 year old daughter…and as the clerk is ringing me up Hannah is chatting with her and says “My mommy love Vodka” I’m pretty sure child services is going to be coming by soon. Mental note: Pick up liquor when I am alone from now on.

  26. In case anyone needs to know, the Peg Perego Twin Aria stroller not only goes through all doors easily it will also hold three six packs of beer perfectly in the bottom basket.
    But it does drag the ground a bit.

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