How Many States have you Lived In? An Informal Poll

Not that it is any of my business, but we were counting up how many states we have lived in the other day and I have lived in a whopping three states.

Part of me thinks that three isn’t bad, a lot of people spend their whole life in the same town another part of me thinks that normal people branch out a little bit more than me.

mapThe states that are red in this map are not the states I have lived in. In fact the only highlighted state on this map that I have even been in is Missouri and that was only because the bus driver took a wrong turn.

I have lived in Ohio, Florida and Virginia.

How many states have you lived in? You can count college or boarding school, but not camp or long vacations. You can count D.C. as a state (even though it isn’t) and if you aren’t American you can count however you see fit.

I’m just curious.

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  1. Just two, Ohio and Maryland sometimes its hard to believe they are in the same country :)

  2. Cool question, and thanks also for counting DC, where I grew up and where I live now!

    So… 5

    Rhode Island
    New York

  3. Another Military brat here so lets see..

    Born in MD, TN (twice; at 1 yo and again at 12), NC, SC, CA, PA (twice when Dad went overseas when I was 2 and 11), HI and VA.

    So that would be 8 or 10 if I can count the repeat states twice. Hey the gaps were each about 10 years apart.

    I’ve now been in VA for 19 years, so I have officially lived in one place (well state anyway) for half my life – YAY!

  4. One. And it’s a small state. I am so boring.

  5. I have lived in 5, but it’s funny because I have lived in Ohio, then Florida, then Virginia! And I went to UCF too!

    Okay throw in Michigan in between Florida and Virginia. And now I live in Maryland. And that makes 5.

    How odd is that, we’ve lived in the same states!?

  6. Connecticut, Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania… plus a semester in England… so 4 +.

  7. 2, Oklahoma and Texas.

    But I’ve been to several other states on trips (Oklahoma [while living in TX], Texas [while living in OK], Lousiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, & Kansas), and 2 different countries too (Mexico and the Bahamas). So, while I haven’t lived many places, I’ve traveled to a lot of places.

  8. Three.

  9. Cherry says:

    I’ve lived in 5. In order, Illinois, Texas, Wisconsin, Iowa and Utah.

  10. I’ve lived in the state of: confusion, despair, bliss, chaos, shock, denial, and currently acquiescence.

    I’ve only ever been a solid though. Never a gas or a liquid.

  11. Jesus girl, are we attached at the hip?! Me too, Ohio (sadly born there-but haven’t been back in years)Cambridge, Marietta, Westerville. Georgia “Hot Lanta”. Florid— Ft lauderdale, Deerfield Beach. Virginia—Sterling and Leesburg. Would go back to Florida before you could pack my bags. But only the beach….. And east coast.


  12. One. Florida, south, central and north. Although Ritch insists that south fl is NY with better weather…

  13. So, did I miss what the highlighted states mean? Anyway, for me, there’s Nebraska, Massachusetts, Virginia, Hawaii, New Jersey, California. Guess the branch of the military my dad was in? Go on, guess.

  14. Let’s see. I have lived in Indiana, Missouri, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, and now we are back in Pennsylvania. I guess that’s 6 different states.

  15. Connecticut, California, New York. Oh, and Scotland.
    Or, in order, Connecticut, California, Connecticut, California, Connecticut, California, Connecticut, California, Connecticut, Scotland, Connecticut, California, New York, California, Connecticut, California, New York. Well, the last move to New York is due on June 1st. Gotta graduate college (California) first. Basically I went to college in CA and the UK and then spent all breaks at home in CT and one working in NYC. It just LOOKS complicated.

  16. California looks like a made up word after you type it a bunch.

  17. MathleteSarah says:

    I have lived in only one state, California, however, I have lived in 8 cities and two towns in this lovely state. My favorite place that I have lived is Santa Cruz, and I am sad that I no longer can spend my days thinking about whether or not I should go to class or the beach.

  18. Yvonne says:

    Okay, I have only lived in two states. However I have moved a grand total of 25 times. 7 while I was a kid. 18 while hubby and I were investigating our itchy feet, following the work and generally trying to get the hell away from our families. Only 2 moves were in Victoria. All the rest were in New South Wales. We have never lived in the same place more than once. Each place had it’s own name. Are Australian states much bigger than yours?

  19. None, eh.

  20. wow — i guess people like polls!

    i’ve lived in only 3 states:


    but i’ve lived in 3 total countries.

    it’d be neat to see a map of all your comments.

  21. Five — Pa., NY, Mass., Kansas & Maryland!

  22. I feel kinda boring….. I’ve lived in only 3 states
    NY, MA & CT

  23. 4 states for me: NY (growing up), NC, SC and now MA. Way boring, I know.

  24. I have lived in 5 states and 2 additional countries: MN, Australia, DC, the UK, California, CT, and NC. (The shortest sojourn was 11 months, in Australia, when I was 16. The longest was 17 years in Minnesota, plus a certain amount of vacation time after that.)

  25. Six. And close to the North Pole.

  26. Chasinash says:

    5 states: North Carolina, Virginia, California, Washington, Maryland

  27. New Jersey, Florida, Delaware, Rep of Panama, New York, then back to Delaware. (The US Air Force made me do it!)

  28. Two. Oregon and Idaho.
    (Yes, I’m boring.)
    I never want to move again. But I don’t particularly like where I live. There’s no winning for me!

  29. Katydidmama says:

    Four: Ohio, Illinos, California (briefly), and Wisconsin. Not likely to move out of state again (SigO has family here).

  30. Another military brat here. Seven states, one commonwealth-Puerto Rico and Germany.

    And while I’ve lived in Austin, Texas for 30 years I have moved in town six times, so an average of every five years.

    I think it’s military brat thing. I just saw a documentary film, “Brats Our Journey Home” that talked about military brats getting an itch to move every three to five years.

  31. Six:

    New York (NYC)
    Rhode Island (Providence)
    Florida (Miami. No, not Your Ami, My Ami.)
    California (LA)
    Oregon (Portland)
    Illinois (Chicago)
    Rhode Island (again)
    Oregon (again)

  32. Virginia
    Germany* (last assignment was Ramstein)
    New York

    *While I was in the Air Force.

  33. I have lived in quite a few. In order of living there: PA, WV, TN, WY, TN, PA. Yeah. I have moved a lot considering I am a whole 25.

  34. 3 states.

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