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Mir is getting married on Friday. I have been invited to participate in her bridal shower. Since I am a huge fan of Mir (both her writing and her as a person) I am posting a picture from my own wedding in her honor.

Sarah Gabe Wedding

Good luck to Mir and Otto. You seem so well suited to each other. I hope Otto knows how lucky he is.


Claudia: Look at my butt!

Me: What about it?

Claudia: It’s so cute!


After my wine post yesterday, Kate tagged me for this wine meme.

Are you more white, red, or rosé?
Mostly red now. I used to be a white drinker. I thought I didn’t like red wine for a long time, but it turns out I just don’t like cheap Merlot. Huh. Go figure.

Your first time?
You are probably going to gag, but Jill and I used to make fake wine coolers in 8th grade by mixing my mom’s chardonnay with orange juice.

The best pairing between a wine and dish?

Gabe makes fresh pasta and the last time he made this dish that was pasta and tomatoes and fresh herbs and Parmigiano-Reggiano. I bought a wine from the Piedmont region that was a barbera d’Alba and it was insane!

Your favorite?

Neyers Grenache. Well, they don’t make that anymore. Once I had a Syrah from Barossa that was called Glen Eldon (not the same as Glen Ellen) and it was amazing but I haven’t been able to find it again anywhere.

Who chooses the wine at your house or who manages your wine cellar?
Mostly me, but we both buy wine.

How many wines do you have in your wine cellar?

Wine cellar? I have about 8 bottles in my wine rackand that is only because I went to the wine store earlier this week. Wine doesn’t last that long around here.

How do you introduce a young person to wine?

Can’t you go to jail for that kind of thing?


That is all for right now. We’re off to the grocery store. I’m sure I’ll have stories when I get back.

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  1. I really wish I could like wine. I have tried several million times and the best I can do is tolerate it. What is wrong with me????

    Your wedding picture is beautiful!

  2. I like a woman with a nice rack!

    Wine rack! Pervs.

  3. Now that’s a meme I can get behind.

    Lovely picture.

  4. How do you introduce wine to a young person?
    You say, “Wine, allow me to introduce you to this young person. Young person, this is wine!”

  5. Barbara says:

    Don’t young people usually buy Boone’s Strawberry Hill, or something you can buy by the jug for $1.50 and introduce themselves. I know I did once upon a time.

    It’s funny because my hubby’s family still drinks this super sweet swill they call wine by the jug. It leaves more of the good stuff for me though 😉

  6. What an excellent wedding picture! It’s painful for me took back at our wedding photo’s….and dream about the days when I looked that good.

  7. i tried to click your wedding picture bigger so i could get a good look, but no luck.
    you do look quite pretty, from what i can see.

    also, i like wine.

    that is all.

  8. Girl you lot gorgeous! Even without my magnifiers…. hee hee.

    I don’t have to tell you I like wine. Red or White? Depends on the evening. Although not a fan of Merlot.


  9. THAT is a gorgeous wedding picture!

    SF sticks her finger in Mista’s wine glass a lot. She loves it.
    Mista drank wine as a kid. It was his family’s tradition…making the wine that everyone drinks at the dinner table. There was nothing wring with it.

    I do have to stop her after two dips though…enough is enough.

  10. friends don’t let friends drink wite zin.

  11. You look so saucy in that wedding picture. Saucy and hot!

    Petunia’s preschool teachers have taughter her to “shake her Petunia” which is really just her shimmying her butt back and forth as fast as she can. It never fails to make everyone laugh, especially because she approaches it with such intent purpose!

  12. — How do you introduce a young person to wine?
    — Can’t you go to jail for that kind of thing?

    I grew up for a while in Germany. Having wine and beer with meals is very common, even for the kids. The do have Low alcohol versions, but I remember getting the same stuff my parental units were drinking.

    Many brewers there have kids versions of their beer, I think it was called “Maltz”, which had a very sweet, malty flavor.

    I’ve always been a red wine person, also. (I prefer dark beer)

  13. Hey foxy mama! Love that picture, and thank you for thinking of us!

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