Cell Phone Picture Extravaganza

I don’t believe that three pictures can really count as an extravaganza, but I’ve been playing a lot of Scrabble on my Palm Pilot and so I really wanted to use that word. A “Z” is worth 10 points I’ll have you know.


Last week we went to the mall with Beth and Mia. The kids went absolutely nuts in the play area and there was even live entertainment. Some guy with a guitar was playing and singing songs for the kids and the only picture I took the whole time was this one. It was on the back of a rented stroller:

do not put child in bag

Here is proof that Green Day isn’t cool anymore. I took this picture at Target. If you can buy a Green Day tote bag at Target (and your other options are Aerosmith or AC/DC) that speaks to me.

green day bag

Here is my Bloody Mary from the Redskins/Falcons game this year:

Redskins Game Bloody Mary

Okay, now send me an interesting picture from your cell phone. There may or may not be a prize involved.


Oh! And congratulations to my friends Beau and Susan who have a brand new baby girl, Claire. Happy first mother’s day, Susan.

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  1. Love the “Do Not Put Child in Bag” photo!

    You know that was precipitated by some damn idiot actually PUTTING THEIR CHILD IN THE BAG.

  2. Francine Kopun says:


    I am a reporter at the Toronto Star, working on a story about Kate Moss’s clothing line…that was quite a discussion you generated on Babble.com. Would love to talk to you about it. I don’t know how else to reach you. My e-mail to you bounced back. Now you have mine.

    Story’s for tomorrow. Hope to hear from you,


  3. Does that mean I shouldn’t put my child in the Aerosmith tote either? I sure hope there are instructions on there regarding whether or not to put my infant in there, or else how would I know?

  4. Green Day isn’t cool anymore? I suppose I’ll have to put away my GD T-shirt. And backpack. And my Green Day coffee mug. Damn you, Target!

  5. I want that Aerosmith tote. I’m going to Target.

  6. To all interested moms out there:

    I would like to invite you to participate in a research study of parenting views and practices. Dr. Kim White-Mills and Dr. Catherine Dobris of IUPUI (both are moms) are interested in understanding what sources parents find useful in their parenting practices, how parents use different parenting information, and what views parents across the county hold regarding parenting issues.

    To access this survey, go to http://www.iupui.edu/~momviews/

  7. I took this one at our local Sam’s Club, and title it “It’s Good to Be King”.


  8. Don’t tell my ten year-old son that Green Day isn’t cool. It’s the only thing keeping him practicing his piano. (To get him to practice I bought the sheet music from some of their songs and now he pounds out Boulevard of Broken Dreams very loudly and efficiently every twenty minutes or so).

  9. Say, who won your other contest?

  10. Barbara says:

    I’ve got a great one… since I can be terribly immature at times…


  11. I emailed you mine.


  12. I understand from Beth that congratulations are in order.

    Happy Birthday to the three year olds and a Happy Mother’s Day to you.


  13. I dunno about the cool factor. I bought a Mr. Rogers t-shirt there…as well as a Beatles shirt, and they’re all still pretty awesome in my book. That said, I’m really here via Beth to wish your Ian and Claudia a very Happy Birthday. Three is a great age so this should be a good year.

  14. Happy Birthday to Claudia and Ian. Three already ? Where did the time go ?
    I hope thay have a fun one.

  15. How dare that stroller tell me where to put my kid! Oh yes I will put my children in the bag!

  16. Here is the best one I have taken.

    I call it “19 Minutes”


  17. some clever gangsta with a can of spraypaint on the vegas strip made this one.

  18. Here is not my best technical work but my favourite.


  19. I am posting some that I think are funny.

    BTW – are any cell phone pictures technically good?

  20. i couldn’t choose which picture to send you. then i remembered this insane one that i posted a while back. cell phones make things crazy.


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