Me? A Thinking Blogger?

People have started awarding me the “Thinking Blogger Award”. Paula, the Queen of the Surf Pirates and (help, I can’t find the other one. If it was you send me a quick e-mail. In fact, I am starting to think it was just Paula and I imagined the other one.) someone else have honored me with this title.

Stop laughing. I think about all sorts of stuff: vomit, beer, Bravo reality television, KISS, doormats. Stuff.thinking blogger award

Okay, in all honesty I think they have just finally run out of people that hadn’t gotten it yet.

Thanks anyway. Now I don’t feel left out.


Ah ha! It was Senja from Search and Destroy that nominated me. See I’m not crazy!


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  1. Wine you forgot you think about wine a lot too.

  2. Oh man… I want to be nominated for a Thinking Blogger award… I’m ALWAYS thinking.

    Congrats Sarah!

  3. congrats on your award….

    i’m with kemp…i want to be nominated for a thinking blogger award too….i think as much as i can for missing a lot of brain cells due to childbirth lol 😉

  4. the wine made her forget about the wine. This is why the wine doesn’t last long. It’s being used to forget itself.

    I don’t know what the hell any of that meant. I’ve got my urchins and neice all screeching around the house and I’m thinking maybe I’m in desperate need of some wine.


  5. Thinking bloggers are good. I’d probably get the award for not thinking. Well, for not having any unexpressed thoughts. I need an on-deck circle for my thoughts so I can try them out before I throw them out there. Because once you tell the lady at the DMV what you think, you cant un-say it and you’re gonna be forced to produce your social security card which you lost when you were 14 and that means you’re going to have to drive an illegally registered vehicle for the next 2 years always taking back roads to avoid cops. And then when you do get pulled over, and you say what you think to the cop without trying it out in the on deck circle, you wind up doing a field sobriety test because nobody would tell a cop they look like the guy from office space unless they were shit faced.

    So, yeah. Congrats.

  6. Nobody has ever accused me of thinking!

  7. Oh, that’s great! I feel left out. I guess I don’t think about much other than, kids, shopping, work, wine, another life, wine…. more wine…

    Ha ha. Good for you! I hope you win one of those big pretty crowns. You so deserve it.


  8. Uh, yeah, I guess that was me who picked you for the thunk it award. Crap, now all eyes are on me. You win because you make me laugh and think…two things that are hard to do. And if you do it at the same time, well, it comes back out my nose and then I’m just pissed, cuz’ it burns.
    Happy Birthday from
    Only, don’t check it out right now,.. I am totally pms’ing and it’s mothers day tomorrow and crap, I wrote a morose tribute to my dead mother. Normally I’m quite droll, you know, when I’m not sh*tfaced depressed.

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