Dora! Boots! How Could You?

Mrs. Chicky tagged me for a Mother’s day meme, so I started this whole lovely post honoring my mom, but then I Mother’s Day came and went and now I feel stupid posting it, so I’m skipping it. (Sorry Mom and Mrs. Chicky)

In fact, while my Mother’s Day was lovely, it was eclipsed by The Goon Squad’s third birthday.  I’ll have more pictures later, but first I wanted to show you guys something that just couldn’t wait.

Ian and Claudia had a Dora the Explorer themed cake. This is a picture of the cake topper.

Dora Boots Dirty Sanchez

Doesn’t it look like Boots just gave Dora a dirty sanchez?

Gabe thinks it looks like Boots is about to give her a donkey punch.

Ugh. Now go win us each $1000 on blingo. My children are going to need the money for therapy.

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  1. I could use me some therapy $ for my kids too!

  2. It looks more like she’s covered in santorum. And speaking of Dan Savage, he’s not a big fan of the donkey punch. He says its like abusive or something.

  3. where’s Screech when you need him??

    happy birthday, good squad!
    (i know it’s not as cute as a personal video from Mia…)

  4. Maybe it is just me, but that “stain” looks red. And if it is red, what has Dora been doing? Without going into explicit graphic detail, is there a term like “dirty sanchez” for it.

    I know nothing about Dora, (my kids are grown and have kids of their own) so please excuse my ignorance, but does Dora have female “friends”.

    Sometimes I can’t believe where my mind goes. I like that tag, some of us never mature properly.

  5. OH MY GOSH! Happy birthday Ian and Claudia! Three is so exciting, Sarah things are going to get a LOT easier for you! yay!


  6. Well there is hope for me… I’m so happy to see you made it to 3.

  7. mmmm dirty sanchez. If you like that kind of dirty stuff, go see/rent Farce of the Penguins.

    Happy Birthday to the Goon Squad!

  8. I always figured Boots was a little kinky.

    Happy Belated Mother’s Day :)

  9. I will never look at Dora and Boots the same way again.

    Happy Birthday, Goon Squad!

  10. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Your proposition of Boots either ‘Donkey Punch’ing or ‘Dirty Sanchez’ing Dora is exactly why I keep coming back to your site day after day.

  11. Frank Sucks says:

    Look at you going Blue….

    Happy Mom’s Day BTW.

  12. Okay, this is a reason why I heart

  13. This post would be very disturbing if I could just stop giggling long enough to be offended.

  14. Oh, Lord, what’s the world coming to when Boots and Dora go beyond friendship? And Boots is clearly unendowed, so he must have done her tail with his tail. Thanks, Devra, for the refer. I’ll have to bookmark that! But not bookmark it where the kids can access it.

  15. I love a good dirty sanchez post. Thanks!

  16. Well I must give credit where it is due. Sarah first told me about urban dictionary. Now if you really want to make me feel important, go enter our contest! ; )

  17. You say the things I never could get away with out loud. :) This made me laugh so hard. And I’m about to go show my husband, who will think it’s awesome too.

  18. The saran wrap broke when Boots gave Dora a Hot Carl.


  19. That is so funny, I can’t stand it.

  20. Well, I was flipping though a catalog from a company that sells fishing rod parts. I flipped to page 41, and I thought of you. I suppose I should have put it under cell phone pics, but it’s just as appropriate for this thread.

  21. I heard he’s demanding more money next season. i’m sure this is her way of keeping him on retainer

  22. I hope the squad had a nice birthday!

  23. You just used Boots and dirty sanchez in the same sentence. You are my hero.

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