Interesting Way to Start the Day

Guess what I did first thing this morning?

You’ll never guess in a bazillion years. Well, maybe in a bazillion, but I doubt if you would guess any time soon so I will just tell you.

I was standing in front of my closet perplexed. I went shopping on Sunday and I could have sworn I bought a red shirt at Ann Taylor. (Don’t get me started, Ann Taylor pisses me off but I like their clothes. I wish I didn’t. I hate stores that have petite sections and not tall sections. I think it is heightist.) I looked through my closet five times before I realized that I didn’t remember putting it away.

I knew what I had done. Son of a bitch. I threw it away with the bag. Today is trash day.

At 7:40 this morning I was out at the end of my driveway retrieving a $40 shirt with tags still on it out of my garbage can.*

I wonder what my neighbors will have to say about this one?

* No, I didn’t wear it.

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  1. If only you had pulled it out of the trash and instantly put it on. I am not really a fan of the Ann either. I am glad you found your shirt though.

  2. Well, you can’t really complain from now on if you see your crazy nightgown-in-the-daytime, mowing-in-a-dress neighbor “shopping” in your trash cans.

  3. Did you find it? I hope it was near the top.

  4. I throw away checks all the time (well not anymore) so I can’t comment. I am glad you found it though!

  5. Guess it’s all gonna depend on what you were wearing, when you went trash-diving at 0740!!

  6. jeeze we both live in metro DC and you’re a garbage rat. I guess I’ll have to start shredding my credit card applications.

  7. I have one word for you.

  8. been there, done that, threw away the T-shirt

  9. Dumpster Diver! 😉

    I once threw away a very important check of my husband’s. Sigh…

  10. I am so WITH you on the “where the hell is the TALL section???” It seems like each generation is getting taller, too, so they can’t ignore us (or make us shop online) much longer. Or so says this 5’9″ woman who can never find sleeves that reach beyond her wristbones…

  11. At least you remembered where it was, I’m not so sure I would have been so fortunate.

    Aviva says “If you did the same thing in my neighborhood, you would have gotten the shirt returned to you by my mother-in-law who has been known to supervise as other discard their trash at the dump. And NO she does not work at the dump.” True story. I swear Aviva just dictated that to me right this moment. Also, she called me to say “You won’t believe what I caught my mother in law doing…”

  12. How on earth? Oh, nevermind! I’m still laughing at this one.

  13. Better a shirt than, say, a sandwich.

  14. I need a new roommate for BlogHer.

  15. No shame in dumpster diving. We got our underlayment for the stairs runner that way. Oh, did I just write that for the world to read? That had a long story attached.

  16. Do you really think the neighbors were all that surprised?

  17. I’ve done that more than once. Worst thing? I threw out my kids brand new school supplies. I don’t know why. I just did. And they were not at the top of the garbage can. Ugh.

  18. I’ve done similar things. It makes me wonder where the hell my brain was when I did it.

  19. At least you weren’t diving in the neighbors’ trash cans.

  20. Shortly after our wedding Susan’s mom was sitting in her kitchen when Susan’s dad walked by with a garbage bag. Her mom asked him what he was doing and he said he was just going to burn some trash. She then informed him that that was not a bag of trash, it was Susan’s wedding dress. Good thing she happened to be sitting there.

  21. That gave me a good giggle. At least you remembered *before* they had come to collect the trash!

  22. That’s hilarious. When I was in college, I worked in the mailroom of a law firm. One day, I and several of my mailroom cohorts were sent out dumpster diving after one of the paralegals mistakenly threw away several boxes of documented evidence. Good times.

  23. Thank goodness you realized it and got out there before the garbage truck arrived! Not good. :)

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