Randomness Part 76

A bunch of you have sent me pictures from your cell phones. A lot of them are hysterical. I’m going to post a bunch of them soon. I’ll probably also make a flickr set for them. Please let me know if you sent me one you don’t want posted on the internet.

Speaking of flickr sets, I created one for pictures that The Goon Squad has taken with their very own digital cameras that they got for their birthday. The quality isn’t great, but they love those cameras and they haven’t broken yet. So far I am pleased with my purchase.
Take my survey, please.

Does everyone else already read I am Bossy? I love this blog. Then again, I am kind of a sucker for anyone who insists on referring to themselves in third person.

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  1. Yeah, isn’t bossy me? ha ha… I don’t know of this person you refer however. But I’m very interested to know how to set up a flickr photo.. So, spell it out Lucy.


  2. I love the Squad’s photos: beer, babies, and your hott MIL.

  3. thanks for the link to the cameras….love the pictures.

  4. Rachel Ray would be hot if she had a better boob to ass size ratio. That doesn’t mean I woudln’t pay to see her in a WWF style cage match with Tyler Florence, each armed with their choice of kitchen gadet. She’d kick his ass.

  5. That was a long ass survey! :p Do they really need to know if I floss daily..?

  6. Cool…now I have a better reason for exclusivley buying Skippy than my current reason…because when I spell it outloud it makes my children laugh and then question why I am talking about “peepee”.

  7. Kate, I wondered about the flossing daily question, too. Was it designed to determine whether dental floss advertising on blogs would be effective, or was it a control question to determine whether all our other answers could be believed?

    Re: Skippy, I applaud Unilever’s stand, but I wonder whether BMI is the most effective measure. Perhaps, in this case, since they’re trying to exclude the emaciated rather than the overweight (BMI regularly mis-classifies very fit people as being overweight).

  8. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Holy crap, homegirl! That was a long-ass survey. I know things about myself now that I never would’ve realized, though, so thanks.

    You’re a humor blog, by the way. I imagined that if I’d called you a ‘kids’ blog you would’ve hunted me down and slapped me upside the head.

  9. ckirby50 says:

    Dove is also a Unilever product and they are kick@$$!

  10. Barbara says:

    There went a gajillion hours of my time 😛 Talk about a long survey… About halfway through I debated starting to make things up, since I wasn’t allowed to leave things blank that didn’t apply to me and there weren’t any None of the above options…

  11. Could you tell me a little more about these FP cameras? The ‘lil man is going to be 2 and loves, loves, loves our camera and looking at pictures.

    The FP website says 3+, but I’m wondering if he’d be okay with it…. what do you think?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated

  12. Michelle says:

    We bought that camera for our 4 yr old daughter for Christmas because we were spending way too much money on the disposable ones. Homegirl does like to take pictures. Unfortunately, her 2 yr old brother discovered the cool sound it makes when he hits the delete button. OOPS! That thing is practically indestructable. I’m hoping it is still in good shape for the boy in a couple years.

  13. Another good “third person” blogger is http://theneedsofthefew.blogspot.com/

    It is one of my favorites blogs. Evil Spock tries to do evil, but ends up doing something good. His humor is very creative.

  14. Great pictures, my favorite is the one of the beer.

  15. That is a beautiful picture of you in the set.. and OMG Miss Bossy, GOOOOOD tip!

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