A Meeting, A Picture and Some Searches

I have had the best luck meeting other bloggers. This afternoon The Squad and I went out to lunch with Steve from the Hygiene Chronicles. We had a great time. Steve let Ian play with his cell phone so they were instantly best friends. They also accused each other of being hamburgers.

I don’t know, maybe it’s a guy thing.

Anyway, we all had a great time and I’m sure Steve will agree that even though my kids are just as strange as I say they are (although Claudia didn’t bring up her uterus at lunch) we all got along great. I’m always surprised at how much people really are like their blogs. It seemed like we had known each other for a long time.


This is the outfit Claudia wore to her Aunt’s college graduation yesterday.

Claudia wings

…and she scowled at everyone who complimented her on her wings.


I honestly never get bored of looking at the search terms that bring people here. For your reading enjoyment, here are some of the real winners:

Main Goon Cats

Let’s just assume they were looking for Maine Coon cats.

How could women in the olden days tell if they were pregnant?

Um. No period, huge belly, a baby came out… I could keep going.

Underwear Smiling

Pooping in shower – cat

Bob the Builder’s favorite band

Does my pussy look good in this?

Jesus Mary rat fuck

carrot top naked

how to spell Meredith Vierra

With one r.

odd smelling pee in the morning

Did you eat asparagus the night before?

penis boots

How much pee a day?

I think I am going to need more information before I can answer that question.

Hello Kitty Car

Oh. I wish. 

And my favorite from this month:

Gordon Ramsay eating cow penis. 

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  1. They are fabulous wings. (I’ll consider myself bescowled. Ascowled? Scowled upon.)

  2. Jesus Mary rat fuck? That guy was having a bad day huh? Aren’t those fun… as you know I get some good ones as well… I have even started to tailor my SEO to catch them and mess with their heads them once they get to my site…

  3. Jesus Mary rat fuck?! Omg, I’m literally crying over here. They need to SCREEN people before they let them on the internet!

    Btw, your little girl’s wings are rockin’.

  4. What a cute fairy.

    carrot top naked? That’s just wrong…

  5. Barbara says:

    Ok I’ve read a few of your posts by now and I can see how some of those came about particularly the carrot top naked given the state of your comments while you were gone… but it would be fun to see what post the others linked to… I’m curious about the Hello Kitty Car post…

  6. I think the wings are just perfect. What’s better is her attitude!

    Glad lunch was fun.

  7. I think that Miss Madison and Claudia would get along GREAT!! They both have attitude.

  8. Hey, at least “dirty sanchez” is not on that list. yet.

  9. Who IS Bob the Builder’s favorite band?

  10. It may be sacrilegious but I’m going to be giggling about the Jesus Mary rat fuck all day.

    Love the wings.

  11. I love her wings, but I think I would get an attitude about it if people were commenting about something like that to me all day.

    And how exactly did someone expect you to answer the question Does my pussy look good in this? I think that one will be with me all day.

  12. oh man. i totally want a hello kitty car.

  13. I think Claudia and Hala will be instant friends.

  14. Why is no one talking about the penis boots? Because quite honestly, that shit is the whole reason I’m here. We cannot get enough of the penis boots.

  15. Pooping in the shower uh? Wonder what you talked about that linked them to that??

    I’m sure she was a hit at the graduation!

  16. The answer is, pussy looks good in anything, I think.

  17. Isn’t meeting other bloggers just the coolest thing? It is so funny to meet people who’s blogs you’ve read for many years.

    Haha, those search terms. Too funny. There are some pretty crazy people out there.

  18. Jesus Mary rat fuck, she’s cute with those wings.

  19. On the Hello Kitty thing, you MUST see this picture that I was just looking at yesterday…..heh heh heh….sorry, but I think this totally beats a Hello Kitty Car. (although I just googled that for images and some of ’em *are* pretty cool. I like the Hello Kitty exhaust pipe.)


    Anyway. Happy Day! mk

  20. I think Claudia is adorable in those wings. She’s such a free spirit.

  21. I was just noticing your amazon ad is advertising bibles and gangsta rap. Wow…. that’s odd.

  22. ok, the jesus mary rat fuck thing is a little worrisome…but, personally? i’m just so excited that someone else knows that asparagus makes your pee smell funny. i’ve brought it up to two people in my life, and they acted like they had no clue what i was talking about.

    clearly, they have never eaten asparagus.

    claudia would have had a major scowl for me, because i would have been squeeing over the wings.

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