I Need either an Electrician or that Short Lady from Poltergeist

Here is something I’ve never even heard of before.

Sometimes when we are watching television my TV just turns off. If I hit the power button nothing happens.doctor from Poltergeist

The only way we can make the tv turn back on is to plug it into another outlet in our power strip.

Before you tell me the problem is with my power strip, our TiVo, our DVD player and our stereo are all plugged into the same thing and they all work just fine. Plus, sometimes it won’t work at all and other times it will work in one of the sockets that wouldn’t work before. Yeah, I don’t get it either.

So tell me, fine readers, do I need a new tv or should I throw a tennis ball in there before the thing sucks Claudia in there.

I’ll tell you this much, either way I’m not looking under my bed.

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  1. My husband would say: call an electrician.
    I would say: MOVE!

    …ooooh, honey! I’d be so freaked out!

  2. I wish I could help, maybe its something with the cord or plug on the tv. My tv at work is crazy too. Sometimes I can hear it, even though its off…

  3. Sometimes one plug on a strip can go bad, that’s probably all it is.

  4. We have a humming TV in this house…not so very scary as yours, though.

    We’re opting for a new TV…I’d recommend that route.

  5. New TV? I’m not one to ask. The one in our bedroom has to be unplugged to turn off and it’s from 1983…yeah EIGHTY 3. The TV in the game room has to have the cable run through the DVD player that’s attached to it because the tuner is out. Our main TV is the only one that actually works the way it started out working.

    And then there’s my crazy 6 month old car. The tailgate opens by itself right about the time I think it’s not going to do it anymore.

    Oh wait…I’m off topic aren’t I?

  6. Does it have a sleep timer? Ours had one and it was set to turn off every freakin’ hour. Who knew? Not us. Took us a while to figure it out, but that was the culprit.

    Our kids were pissed. They wanted to be on Ghost Hunters.

  7. I’m sure theres a clown you can hire to come over during the next thunderstorm.

  8. But do you have snakes in your bushes?

  9. I’ve had a picture FLY off of the shelf…I’ve had coffee make itself. I’ve had the humming TV that would stop when you asked someone else if they have heard it. Also, at the old house, we had a light that would turn itself off and on…not just off and on…but dim too. VERY creepy.
    I vote you get a poltergeist hunter….if for no other reason than to have had one in your house….lol. I 100% believe in an after life.. That being said, I’d also call an electrician, just to be safe.

  10. Sounds like a short in the power cord. Use this as a chance to buy a real big LCD.

  11. Just watch out for the freakin’ clowns…

  12. I have the exact same problem with one of my printers in the home office. I’m pretty sure it’s the power strip. It seems to me that there has got to be a short or something in the suspect outlet.

    Or,we could have a seance this weekend. If it will make you feel better. I’m not responsible for what I try to conjure up when there is Tequila in me!

  13. do you see dead people?

  14. Barbara says:

    If you unplug it and plug it back in to the same outlet does it start working again? Newer TV’s all have microprocessors in them and the act of unplugging it might be resetting the microprocessor. If that’s the case, it’s a tv issue.

  15. they’re here….

  16. Stay Away from the light Carol Anne, and don’t answer the door if that creepy preacher guy shows up. – Does any one else think he looks like a Morman missionary? – I’d try replacing the power strip / and check for that Dang sleep setting – the kids can do that, mine set our TV on Spanish?!?!? and we had to randomly push buttons till it went away..took about a week.

  17. New TV. I have had that happen. I have also used the remote to turn it off, then it clicks back on. Trust me, not a good sign (and I mean nothing supernatural by that, honestly).

    Oh man I can still hear the squeaky noise that actress made (or was that the same lady in a different movie? Am I mixing up Horror with Hughes?).

  18. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Unless Claudia really seems to dig watching static, I think you’re fine. Also, you don’t have a pool in your backyard, right?

    There’s probably just something shorting out inside the TV. It’s not a big deal. Finding an actual TV-repair person is the tough part, but the problem itself? Not huge.

  19. See now…I WOULD LET the tv suck both my kids in…and that would be ok with me.

  20. The TV! It’s possessed. I used to have a ghost in an old apartment I lived in, so I can relate. :)

  21. We used to have a TV that would refuse to turn off. It would appear to turn off, then just as you were leaving the room, it would turn back on. Sooooo creepy. We got rid of it, and the new one works like a charm! :) So that’s my advice – new TV :)

  22. My big screen does that too, someone told me it a breaker in the set and when I unplug it and plug it back in it resets the breaker.

  23. damn tv gremlins.

  24. Thats really scary. It reminds me of the time my daughter was resting in my bed watching some show. In the middle of it, the tv got all crazy and fuzzy and started making a grinding noise. She came to get me, I turned off the tv and it continued. I ran behind it to unplug it, it still was making the noise and we freaked out, ran out of the room and slammed the door behind us. Because I am so rational. My husband says it was some sort of power surge that caused it to continue after I unplugged it, but all I know is that I threw it away because it scared me so badly. Could the plug things be bent, and so sometimes it doesn’t connect all the way in the outlet?

  25. One of my best friends in high school went through a period where all manner of electricity-related weirdness seemed to occur in his vicinity. His TV in his room would turn on in the middle of the night, rooms he’d walk into would suddenly go dark, all sorts of stuff. It got so bad and obvious that our high school theater teacher asked him not to hang out by the lightboard during performances. So yeah, electricity’s freaky weird.

  26. I think we need to have an exorcism. You buy the sage. I’ll bring the booze. 😉

  27. Under the bed! I still run and almost jump onto the bed so Chucky can’t slice my ankle from underneath!!!!!!!!!

  28. Can’t help you. I have the same poltergeist.

  29. I’d say get a new TV!

  30. My husband would say, let me open it up and take a look. I would guess it is some kind of electrical circuitry thingie in the TV. Not nearly as fun as a poltergeist. Replace it or roll the dice with a TV repair man.

  31. at least it’s not your computer 😉
    I vote you turn it off and go outside.

  32. Lol. Your TV is on strike.

  33. Uh-oh. No post for days. I think she got sucked into the TV.

    Y’all mind hanging back? You’re jamming my frequency.

  34. Maybe we should switch tvs. My tv will occasionally not shut off when I turn it off. The picture goes off, but if you listen carefully you can hear the voices and other noises from the not-shut-off tv. Unplugging the set is the only way to shut it off. This goes on for days, and then it fixes itself and all is well for several months, until it happens again.

    (Of course, I knwo why my tv does this. When I lived in Chicago my apartment building was hit by lightning. The tv was in the front room, where the lighting hit. Even more reason to trade. If it is true that lightning never strikes twice, this tv is the safest bet, right?)

  35. Mine suddenly turns ON. It’s gotten to the point where we watch the poor freakin’ DOG to see if she’s doing it.

    She’s not.

  36. Andie: ours turns on by itself every once in a while, too. And we don’t HAVE a dog. SPOOOOKY!

  37. I think it’s time to move….

  38. you can never be too careful…

  39. Our TV just died last week. It was one year and ONE MONTH old so it was out of warranty. American piece of shit…

  40. Our TV used to do that too. I bought a new one. And it might have been a ghost at my place, we think we have one. One night my husband and I were lying in bed, when the end of the bed jolted and lifted off the floor. We lay there too freaking scared to move for hours. Hmm, that’s off topic too.

  41. and to reply to shelly previously- it has happened to my computer always between the hours of midnight and three am call out “GO AWAY-FOLLOW THE LIGHT” they say this will calm it if not get rid of it I am only on my second week with this method but it did calm things until i was at work and her dad was out and it started with her lights in her room and went to turn the computer off and flash the frontroom lights and onto knocking the lamp off my bedside table thats when i got pissed drove home from work doing fifty and walked in and yelled out “GO AWAY” in every room of my home its now twenty four hours later im still searching for advice and answers and solutions and my computer had only been turned off once tonight and i firmly stated strongly “GO AWAY” so far i have been ok an hour later (THANK JESUS) if there is any 411 you can provide internet friends please help i want my home back!

  42. Let me also add that my computer and same lights remain on in my home at all times i never have this problem any other time but when she is alone or when i am up between midnight and four-ish or so i also work 4-12 midnight wednesday through saturday

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