No, our TV didn’t suck me in. In fact, it completely died and we had to buy a new (and way cooler) television set.

The tv didn’t try to hurt me at all, but this almost did me in.

Tequila full

Empty Tequila

I don’t really want to talk about it anymore, but I will say this it was indeed a bottle full of bad ideas.

Washington MonumentWe’ve been busy playing tourist with company and end of the year stuff for preschool. We spent Saturday on the mall with our friends Lora and Matt and I didn’t get one single picture of the four of us. Instead, would you like to see a cool picture I took of the Washington Monument?

We’ve also been potty training. Well, potty training Claudia. She has peed in the potty every day for a week now. No more diapers for her, she is in either a Pull-Up or underpants all day long now.

Did I mention my superfly new friend Clare (Hi Clare!) sent The Goon Squad a bunch of Pull-Ups so that we could try the different kinds? Claudia likes the ones with “Learning Designs”. I guess the pictures are supposed to fade when they get wet, but she has been doing such a great job keeping them dry that I hadn’t even noticed.

We are also finally caught up on all three seasons of “Project Runway” so now you can feel free to talk to me about it.

Yes, I know I am a dork. Need more proof? I went and bought Guitar Hero 2(which I am hoping will beeasy to follow having never played Guitar Hero 1). Now if I can figure out how to hook the thing up I am going to go shred.

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  1. mmmmmmm tequilla…did you say something else?

  2. Peer pressure + booze = good times.

  3. Please tell me you didn’t actually drink Jose and that was just for pictures!

  4. Oh my, is that bottle REALLY empty? And were you the responsible party for that travesty?

    You know what they say when you’re counting tequila shots…

    One tequila,
    Two tequila,
    Three tequila,


  5. I’ll admit I was getting a little worried about you. Bump and I kept checking your site to see if you’d updated, and then snickering a little when we thought of you on your front lawn, dressed up as a garden gnome.

  6. That’s a nice picture, but my friend has a better one where her husband is pretending the monument is his erect penis. HILARIOUS.

  7. Holy Crap-o-la! Girl you downed it!!!!!

  8. That tekillya is Badddd stuff. My last bout with it I lost and ended up pregnant.

  9. Lumpyheadsmom,
    I am looking for the right costume to keep in my car for next time.

    And yes, all that tequila was consumed. There were 5 of us who might be considered responsible, however Sarah may have been very responsible instead of just responsible.

  10. Jose was a friend of mine…. Yeah, baby— way ta go…

    Started worrying that the telly did suck you in however… Glad you’re back!


  11. OK So we still haven’t had lunch; at least now I know what you look like! If it makes you feel any better, I need to send BlogHer a photo for a panel and literally had to crop the few group photos I’m in to find one; I’m so much the family/friends photog that I don’t have a decent one of me — so your photo-free touring weekend is no surprise. OH and as far as I’m concerned, a new TV is like getting a facial – very refreshing, no?

  12. The only difference between GH1 and GH2 is the songs. It’s not like you have to master the first one before you should play the second one. Oh…and it’s a blast! You’re not a nerd.

  13. mmmm…. tequila…

  14. Did someone say Guitar Hereo?

    Screw the restaurant. Next time we are meting at your place. Rock on, girlfriend.

  15. Tequila is not my friend anymore. Glad you’re feeling better.

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