All This Attention Over One Little Phrase

I read Wonkette almost every day. So does everybody else in D.C.. Do you want to know how I know?

Wonkette linked to me yesterday. I’ve gotten over 560 hits from this link so far. I usually don’t get 560 hits in an entire day.

What did I post that was so newsworthy that it deserved a link from Wonkette?

The thing about hermaphrodite midget porn.

As a special added bonus one of the other moms from The Squad’s preschool class decided to check out my blog yesterday. (Hi Kristin!) I co-op in her child’s class. I supposed she could have had me arrested. Instead she sent me an e-mail saying that it really made her laugh. I am very grateful that she has a good sense of humor.

Now I know who to go drinking with.*


* Not like these evil people who try to make you play drinking Chutes and Ladders with tequila.  My head still hurts just thinking about it.

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  1. Oh, quit complaining just because you had unsafe sex and hid your drugs in the cookie jar (went without your rubbers and went down the big chute). Next time be more careful with your dice rolls and you won’t have to drink so much. Or naybe you’ll have to drink more. The point is . . . um, I forgot my point. I blame Chutes and Ladders.

  2. Wait just one minute. You can play Chutes and Ladders WITH DICE?

  3. LOL…that one phrase, it’s like your claim to fame, your trademark now, LOL.

    The good news is that you met a cool mom at the co-op. :)

  4. Darn it! You mean that my husband paid money for a game called Shots and Ladders and we could have just used the kiddie version?!

    That game sucks, anyway.

  5. Damn! I’m definitely not hanging out with the right crowd.

  6. Just so you get to keep your status.
    Hermaphrodite midget porn stars playing chutes and ladders.

    That oughta keep Google happy for at least a week.

  7. Wait… There were 560 people looking for Hermaphrodite Midget Porn?! I can’t decide whether I’m impressed by that number or scared.

  8. I’m impressed that people can spell “hermaphrodite.” Hell, I’m impressed people can spell “porn.”

    BTW, tagged you for a meme. Hope you don’t hate them. And if you do, hope you don’t, by extension, hate the person who tagged you.

  9. The day you become a hermaphrodite midget porn star is the day I accept being called out for being evil.

  10. Hahahahahaha.

  11. Drinking Chutes and Ladders was a great game I introduced to my friends in college. The campus cops wouldn’t even bother us when they saw us playing it outside our dorm, they thought it was so funny. You simply must customize the little cardboard people.

  12. Gold tequila is the drink of Satan. It felled me about this time last year.

  13. Thatsa lotta blog hits, girl.

    Drunken Chutes & Ladders sound fun. Bring THAT to blogher!

  14. heehee you’re famous!

  15. Someone linked to me in comments on Dooce’s website once and I swear I think I got 3,000 hits in one day. It was crazy!

    Tequila shots and kids’ boards games. Now I bet that’s something Milton Bradley never thought of!

  16. Now I know what you’re going to be doing at BlogHer! 😉

  17. I got written up on Wonkette once. I was wondering why I had tons of people I’d never heard of before. Kinda cool. I’m a whore like that.

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