What Nobody Told Me About Co-Opping

Next Tuesday is The Goon Squad’s last day of preschool. Not their last day ever, but their last day in the two year old class.

As a parent of twins at a cooperative preschool, I have spent a lot of time in the classroom this year. Since there were 10 kids in their class I help out about every fifth school day. I completely expected that I would miss the teachers at the end of the year, but nobody told me how much I would miss the other kids in the class.

I know that some of the other kids will end up in Ian and Claudia’s class next year, but I’m sure all of them won’t. There are three different classes for three year olds and I’m not even all of the kids will even be staying at the school.

I guess I am going to have to actually start hosting playgroups. I’m so bad at that. Other moms have snacks and sometimes even parting gifts and their houses are clean. Hopefully the other moms like beer and doritos, and if the kids like goldfish and water we’ll be golden.

You know, even reasonable snacks and cleaning would be worth it. I am going to be devestated if I lose touch with these other eight children. How do all you teachers deal with this year after year?

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  1. We don’t have a co-op daycare, but because I’m nursing, I’m there practically all the time. I’ve grown really attached to some of the toddlers (mine are still babies) and am sad that when they turn 3 they’ll be gone.

  2. Are you crazy? I used to help out in my son’s kindergarten class for a couple hours a week and by the end of the year I was ECSTATIC to be rid of those little heathens. Seriously. I cried. Tears of joy.

  3. It sucks to let go. Today was the last day of school & I realized how much I will miss these kids (I’m trying to get together my post about this soon).

  4. I hear ya sister. I’m totally stuck on the other kids at our daycare. Especially the one we met the day my first was born. They are almost four and have known each other literally since day one. Next month they are going to different pre-schools. We are devestated.

  5. What’s wrong with serving the kids beer and doritos? (kidding of course)….


  6. LOL..I’m all about the cocktail playdates.

  7. The prospect of sleeping in and relaxing over the summer far outweigh the sadness of missing the kids. By the end of the year we are all ready for a break – kids included.

  8. Beer and doritos? I am soooo there. 😉

    I have been thinking about this sort of thing lately as my oldest starts kindergarten in August. Some of the kids will attend her elementary school but some of them are zoned for different schools. Two of the parents (parents of twins no less!) are having an end of the year cookout so that the kids can say goodbye before they go their separate ways.

    I never host playgroups but our crazy dog scares the poop out of kids so that pretty much puts a damper on my hosting! Darn it. 😉

  9. It all depends on the class…

    One year, I personally escorted some of them to their bus the last day of school to make sure they really left.

    Then there is the last class I had before going into administration. That was 7 years ago, and I STILL miss those kids. Some of them just steal your heart and become a part of your life.

  10. When I taught Kindergarten, the last day was always the worst. I still get Christmas cards from a couple of my kids who are now like 16 or something. Craziness because I still picture them as 5 year olds, and then they write things about learning to drive. The picture in my mind of that just kills me!

  11. “What Nobody Told Me About Co-Opping” — isn`t it “WHY Nobody…” ???

  12. Hey?! What’s wrong with Doritos and Beer? I am SO there for that playdate.

    Also, are you going to sue Bloglines because there’s a nasty message at the bottom of your posts. I like Bloglines. It saves me time. Please don’t sue them.

  13. How do we teacher-types do it? Well, I have had to adopt the whole “Circle of Life” apporoach to be able to “process” the grief/ loss and say goodbye year after year. If I do my job well, the kids have the skills and abilities to move on to the next big thing and that’s as it should be. There are always those select few, though. I know some educators will tell you that they don’t have favorites.

    Those people lie.

  14. My son will be leaving his current school at the end of August and I’m already starting to feel guilty. I’ve met all his little friends and he knows all their names. eek. It may be rough.

  15. I think you’re so brave to do the co-op preschool in the first place. I would so much rather host playgroups (even if the house isn’t clean). And last time I served wine (those kids had a blast!).

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