Those Kids Can Spot an Old McDonalds* a Mile Away

When did my children become so observant?

Today when The Goon Squad was at preschool I was out running errands. I had a ton of boring stuff to do. I got an oil change, I picked up my new contact lenses and did a bunch of other little things. I was thirsty so I ran through the McDonalds drive-thru to get an iced tea. Then I went to pick the kids up from their last day of school.

I had a million things to bring home. The teachers gave the kids little gift bags, there were about 20 things the kids had painted, Claudia had a little potted thing that she planted and I had to bring home all of their back up clothes that we kept at school if there were any potty training accidents or if anyone got over zealous with the water table.

When we got to the car and everyone was strapped in Ian started freaking out.

“Mommy you went to Old McDonalds all by yourself?”*

I had completely forgotten that the empty tea was still sitting in my cup holder. I tried to explain to him that I only stopped there to get a drink because I was thirsty, but he wasn’t buying it.mcDonalds cup

When did the boy get these powers of observation? I have seen this same child walk straight into a wall, but suddenly an empty cup in the drink holder was all the evidence that he needed that I had betrayed my children by going to McDonalds and probably eaten french fries and chicken nuggets without them.

Claudia started demanding “hot french fries” (I think that is how she differentiates between fast food fries and the suck ass ones she gets when I make them at home), and Ian was still saying “All by yourself?”

Obviously, I had no choice but to stop at Old McDonalds on the way home. I tried justifying it to myself by convincing myself that it was their last day of school and it was a special treat, but in all honesty it was the guilt that got to me.

* They both call it Old McDonalds like the song. I used to correct them, but I’ve given up. Plus it is kind of cute. 

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  1. That there is an example of selective perception at its finest! My nephew, at their age, called McDonalds “Dondels” — we still call it that, of course, even though he is now 35.

  2. LOL, my kids can spot a McDonald’s a mile away. Melyssa refers to it as Chickenburger….Lucas and Juleigha call it ew ew ah ah….

  3. LOL LOL My kids catch and entrap me in the same way.

    The Old McDonalds name is cute. :) We have a famr nearby that I kid you not is called McDonalds Farm.

  4. That’s it. I’m getting in the car and bringing the Mommy Guilt Absolution Wand with me. DON’T MOVE! I’LL BE RIGHT THERE!

  5. Sounds like you have a future CSI on your hands

  6. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    It kind of implies a more sinister side of the goal of Old McDonald having a farm, does it not?

    Here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo *BANG*…hamburger
    With an oink oink here, and an oink oink *BANG*…bacon
    Here a quack, there a quack *BANG*…bird-flavored nugget

    Old McDonald was a heartless killing machine, E I E I O.

  7. my kids were looking at the monitor and saw the photo. now they’re yelling about Badonals. smart asses

  8. My three year old calls it Old MacDonald’s too. It’s very cute. Less cute than when she recognizes Wendy’s by sight when we drive by.

  9. This site is educational. I’m putting that in the memory bank of lies to tell children when I’m busted.

  10. It’s much cuter than my son and his Booger King. That one kind of grosses me out.

  11. I think it’s hardwired into kids to spot these things as mine can spot McDonalds & Wendys… hell, I think they can even smell it.

  12. Mmmmmmmmm

  13. When our youngest son finally began to talk, he would point to Starbucks and say “Mom.” Who was “Dad?” McDonald’s. He had us totally pegged.

  14. we ate there today! It was disgusting! At least, that’s what I was thinking as I inhaled it. I know I’ll be back sooner than later, and I am ashamed but they are HOT fries and there’s not much worse than soggy limp ones. Oh, get your mind out of the gutter…

  15. suckah!!!!

    (but, seriously. you obviously had no other choice.)

  16. I have been known to make up people to celebrate birthdays for when my kids and I want some cake, so I totally understand. That is adorable that they call it Old McDonalds!

  17. At least they don’t pronounce it like the Peruvian nanny:
    Mack Dough-nah! Mack Dough-nah!

  18. Dawson is the same way. He’s a McDonald’s freak. I blame Grandma. She’s always taking him there, “for the toy” she claims.

    Right. I suffer the consequences every day he demands a Happy Meal.

    I compensate by making him eat an apple when we get home.

  19. It’s been “Old McDonald had a farm food” in our house (actually in our car, since the only time we go is on a road trip). It was shortened to Uncle Donald – who was always a clown.

  20. The best Ayden can manage is Monalds. The ack sounds are still a struggle for him. To add insult to injury…. There is a Burger King aka Booger Ing and a Monalds on the roundabout that we must use to enter and exit our road to get home. Some stupid person aka ME….. didn’t put much thought into that situation before we moved here.

    Now we have to deal with Bowen and Ayden having screaming matches about
    A) how you say the words … MONALDS … no MACK DONALDS.. MONALDS… etc etc yadda yadda yadda
    B) which one they actually want
    C) how loud they have to get before we either throw them from the moving car or cave in and go buy yet another stupid happy meal. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr LOL

    Ayden spooks me out. He can be deas asleep snoring his brains out and if we drive past a Mc (brainwashed children in the womb) Donalds…. HE WAKES UP! Freak.

  21. “It kind of implies a more sinister side of the goal of Old McDonald having a farm, does it not?

    Here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo *BANG*…hamburger
    With an oink oink here, and an oink oink *BANG*…bacon
    Here a quack, there a quack *BANG*…bird-flavored nugget

    Old McDonald was a heartless killing machine, E I E I O.”


    Caity can spot the happy arches from MILES away..McDONYALDS???? We hear with a questioning tone at the end..ever hopeful and she doesn’t even eat the food..she just wants POP!!!

  22. Our kids have called it “Old McDonald’s” from the get-go. Like you, it’s too darn cute to correct them. They’ll figure it out soon enough.

  23. My daughter calls it Old Macdonalds too. :)

  24. I’ve also got a little girl who calls it Old McDonalds. It’s so cute that *I* even call it that now.

  25. That’s okay, we drove by Pizza Hut and Jack started yelling “Pizza!” and he’s never even been there.

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