Laundry Mystery

The title may be a little bit misleading. I mean – this is in fact a mystery dealing with laundry, but it has nothing to do with missing socks or the face of Jesus Christ  appearing on one of my sheets or anything like that.Sroud of Turin face of Jesus Christ

Here is the thing – my mom was here last weekend and she did a bunch of laundry. (Yes, I know, I have the best mom in the world.) She used my laundry detergent and my fabric softener. It is the same stuff I always use.

So why does my laundry smell better when my mom does it? Do you think that this is a psychological thing or does she have a special gift with towels?

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  1. If you find the answer to this question, please let me know. I’ve actually brought my laundry to my parents to do it -using their laundry det/softener- and it never smells the same as when my Mom does it herself. I think this is one of those great mysteries that will never be solved.
    I like to think that you get a magic Mom laundry dust when you become a Mom and only your children can smell it.

  2. It’s the sweet scent of something you didn’t have to do yourself. It’s the same reason that food someone else prepares always tastes better to me than food I prepare. (And yes, I *can* cook!)

  3. what amazes me is that my mother is in her 50’s and has NEVER done a load of laundry in her life.

    scratch that. she did one once…and turned all of emily’s pretty white newborn baby clothes red because she washed my red pajamas with them…erm…

  4. I agree with Valbee…definitely the sweet scent of something someone did for you to help you out, so you didn’t have to do it yourself!

  5. I can’t help you Sarah, my mom never does my laundry, as much as it would be so appreciated, so I have nothing to compare my laundry skill too as opposed to her laundry skills, maybe I should invite her over for a wash off.

  6. Someday your kids would think the same thing, if there was ever a chance you would still do their laundry.

  7. I find the same thing is true. What is it about mom-done laundry? Do you think our kids will really think the same thing someday?

  8. The same is true with sandwiches. Even if you’ve been eating the coldcuts for a week, if someone else makes you a sandwhich with them on Saturday it’ll taste better than all the others.

  9. she probably uses a different amount of each than you do….

    I wish my mother used softner — she maintains that it breaks down the fabric, so instead her towels are like sandpaper

  10. Well, I’m as stumped as you–of course, my mother freshens the air in a room just by walking in. I also have her stick her little finger in my iced tea to sweeten it. I am not making this up.

    (Hi mom….did you like the link I sent you to this blog entry? Lots of laundry waiting for you out here in Utah! And the adorable grandson, of course.)

  11. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    It’s because of The Jesus. The Jesus makes everything smell better.

    No, seriously. He does. I’m a Christian, so I know these things.

  12. Maybe it’s she uses more than you do, maybe it’s just the sweet smell of someone else doing it, I have no idea. But it happens to me too. I swear it’s magic or something. Nothing else really explains it.

    It’s the same with food. I can use my mom’s exact recipie, but her’s still tastes better.

    Oh and nice site, I’ve been reading for awhile.

  13. I was going to say it’s just ’cause it’s your mom and that’s what moms do. But then I saw the comment from “You Can Call Me ‘Sir'” and I think he’s right. ‘Cause it was funny.

  14. it’s like how i only like a blt if my mom makes it.

    moms just rule like that. one day there will be something the goon squad likes best when done by you. hopefullly it’s a grilled cheese or something, because that’s way easier than laundry.

  15. Yup. Just like sandwiches. For me it’s a simple PB & J. Just tastes different when my mom makes it.

    Will your mom do MY laundry and use her mom dust on it? Cuz I’ve got a few loads that need it.

  16. This is also a Nanna thing. My Nan knitted me so many jumpers when I was a kid…. and no matter how often my Mum washed them…. I would curl up with one on my pillow and go to sleep. If Mum took the jumper away, I didn’t sleep or I woke up.

    To this day…. years upon years later…. everything my Nan has ever made me smells like her. Yet she never wears any perfume…. and no one but her grandkids and kids have ever noticed it. Poppy thinks we are all messing with her. But when she hugs me…. there’s that smell that is just Nanna.

    I know the secret by the way. It’s all about the love factor. No one likes making their own lunches or doing their laundry. Mum’s love to help, so they put all that TLC and love into WHATEVER THEY DO. The laundry soaks up all the love and gets all soft, gooey, snuggly and smelling oh so fine.

    Righto… I’m off to call my Mum and convince her to do my laundry for me. I am sick with severe bronchitis.. I have a reasonable alibi :)

  17. Laundry……done by someone else.
    You’re turning me on….what are you wearing HOT STUFF?

  18. Our moms went to laundry school while we went to party. They also stayed home while we work and go to play groups and bunko night and jewelry parties. They thought their self-worth revolved around sparkling whites and ironed sheets, we’ve found ourselves different places because there are more options.

    The thing that amazing me about my mom is that she hears the dryer buzzer go off and runs to get the clothes out while they’re warm. This is probably because our moms didn’t use snooze buttons.

    This is my first visit…love your site. Stop by and visit me sometime.

  19. I’m with Valbee – it is totally because someone else did it. Which is why food tastes better when someone else makes it, the bathroom looks better when someone else cleans it (actually scratch that, my husband cannot clean a bathroom to save his life, which I think is a deliberate act).

  20. If my kids could do the laundry it would smell great! Anything that someone else does always smells so sweet……


  21. No one else ever does my laundry. I feel left out…however, my hubby cooks for me all of the time. I agree that it is better when someone else make it. Except scrambled eggs…he can’t make scrambled eggs.

  22. Will my mom come do my boyfriend’s and my laundry when she visits us now? Is this a hidden secret of the adult world you only are initiated into by growing up?

  23. Coffee always tastes better at other people’s houses too.

  24. Yes, your mom rocks. When my mom babysits at my house, she cleans my bathroom and does my laundry. I’m always left wondering: What the hell am I doing wrong that I can’t watch my own kids and pull off housework at the same time? I have to wait until they’re in bed.

  25. If you let the laundry sit in the washer collecting ‘stank’ then it ends up that way. Not suggesting you have ‘rank stank’ Grandmas have time to hover around the spin cycle, joyfully making exchanges between partners the millisecond the load is done. I found my front loader makes clothes smell faster in a bad way, the longer it sits, compared to the top loader.
    Umm…front loading..I’m getting hot. Gotta go!

  26. angiebellas says:

    Great site!!!
    The smell of fresh laundry when someone else does it, it is just incredible. My hubby and sil do the laundry here. I hate doing it. My sil’s smells so much better. Just someone else other than yourself doing it. That is the reward of the freshness of the laundry. And April, my husband cannot cook a scrambled egg to save his life either… He can cook though… just not scrambled eggs..

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