A Charming Moment with My Little Boy

Ian was asking me for a snack.

I said: I will give you two bug cookies in exchange for a big hug.

(Bug cookies are graham crackers that come in the shapes of caterpillars and butterflies and dragonflies etc.)

Ian reached his arms out to me. I was feeling one of those I love my son so much I think I might explode moments.

I picked him up and he started kicking me.

What are you doing? I asked.

You are squishing my poop. He said.

Moment over.

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  1. I’ll come back and leave a comment when I can get my contacts to stop swimming. I’m laughing so hard I can’t see. Tonight when I gave Bowen a hug goodnight… he tucked right in close and I was astonished to get a proper hug. It was a set up.

    “hey Mum?”
    “Yeah honey?”
    “Aw Bowen, for goodness sake”
    “You hugged it out Mum”
    (Child in hysterics on the bed)
    (Husband in doorway applauding and rating it as a 9.7 on the sphincter scale)
    (Me wondering what jail sentence I will get if I eat nothing but baked beans and cabbage for 72 hours and GAS THEM ALL TO DEATH)
    “Yes Ayden?”

    sigh…. I am so outnumbered here.

  2. “You are squishing my poop. He said.”

    That was a great LOL moment this morning….

    Wassamatta? Didn’t you feel the love?

  3. how now brown cow!
    that’s all i have to say about that…

  4. With four kids, I thought I’d heard every poop comment out there. That was a good one! Blessed be the moms who have to endure endless poop, fart, pee and booger escapes. And blessed are the moms who think they are funny!

  5. Ok so I have that to look forward too I guess?

  6. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Leave it to you to ruin a moment by squishing someone’s poop.

  7. and what did the poop ever do to you? sheesh.

  8. hahahaha….
    thanks for the giggle.

  9. Betcha he got the cookies anyway, didn’t he? Ha!

  10. That’s hilarious! And he probably knew exactly what would happen but decided the cookies were worth a good squish.

  11. NICE! Score one for the boy.

  12. Nothing like a good poop to bring you back to reality.lol

  13. I hate it when they go into stealth poop mode like this, because normally in this situation you’d be all tipped off by, say, the giant pig-pen-like cloud of greenish stench that hovers above the recently be-pooped child. There must be a special Brown Ops Division of the kiddie delta force that teaches them this kind of maneuver.

  14. Holy CRAP that made me laugh so loud!! HAHAHAHHA!!

  15. You made my day.

  16. Ah, lovely. How is that not charming?

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