A SATGS PSA Regarding Leftovers

You know how sometimes you get Chinese food and they give you a ton of white rice so you end up putting all of your leftovers in the downstairs refrigerator because there are just too many containers to fit in your regular fridge because it is kind of small. (Just play along with me here, I know normal people keep their big refrigerator in the kitchen, but our house was built in the time of smaller appliances and in order to keep the good refrigerator in out kitchen we would have to redo the whole thing and we’re just not ready for that yet.)Chinese Food Containers


Anyway, as I was saying, you know how sometimes you forget you put those Chinese leftovers in the downstairs refrigerator for a while. Maybe until they start to smell.


You know how sometimes you think it is Thursday when really it is Wednesday and maybe you throw away the stinky Chinese food thinking that trash day is tomorrow when trash day is really Friday?


Yeah, it makes your garage smell really, really bad.


So unless you enjoy stench, I’d recommend not doing this.


Nobody go in my garage.

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  1. At least you won’t be digging in your garbage this week. Speaking of that, I saw someone digging in a neighbor’s garbage, and it was NOT a neighbor.

  2. We’ve had issues with forgetting things are in our ice box (sorry, I call the fridge that) too. I’ve pulled out some pretty nasty, moldy stuff. And on occasion I decide to throw away the Tupperware container instead of opening it (which would be lethal) and trying to disinfect it!!!

  3. i have two things to say:
    1) i like chinese food, and
    2) i have thrown away so much tupperware filled with moldy food, sometimes i think i’m personally responsible for global warming.
    i try to make up for it by driving a hybrid.

  4. Damn! And that’s what I was planning on doing this afternoon!

  5. Eeewww, is that what I’m smelling in the trash can under my desk! G-d, grooooossssssss…..


  6. Is your kitchen fridge the size of one of those small apartment ones? Or is it a dorm fridge? LOL I would LOVE to have a second fridge so I could keep bottled water and juice boxes in it. Screw the electric bill.

    And yeah, slimy Chicken and Broccoli baking in the hot trash can? Is it worse than a week’s worth of diapers? Couldn’t be :)

  7. I swear there is stuff I wouldn’t open that DH will eat. Someday he is going to die eating garbage out of the refrigerator, I am convinced of it!

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