Apology Not Accepted

Ian and Claudia are supposed to be taking a nap.

Ian just walked into the office and before I could say anything he said “I apologize”.

Then he grinned at me.

I said “Get back into bed.”

He said “I said, I apologize”.

He thinks he is pretty clever.

While I completely appreciate the fact that they are learning manners, and that Ian sort of gets the idea of saying he’s sorry, and while I am also impressed that a three year old can appropriately use the word “apologize”, I still don’t think that “I apologize” is going to get anybody out of taking a nap.

Not around here anyway.

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  1. Back in olden times, the catholic church used to sell special dispensation’s so you could be forgiven before you sinned the sin… maybe that is what Ian was going for there.

  2. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    There’s something unsettling about a kid that says “I apologize” with a smirk. I think the first thing I’d have to do in such a situation would be to start looking for the fire he had just started or checking to see if he just took a dump in the kitchen sink.

  3. I always tell Stinks…”Don’t apologize, just don’t do it again!”

    One day, she’ll get it.

  4. What they are actually learning is how manner can work for them. This is what motivated me way back to write my post about how there is *no* magic word. LOL

  5. I’m with “Sir”. Start looking. My boy does that and I immediately tell him to show me his hands and he takes off. Ian is a smart cookie. He knows what he’s doing. Video of it? That would’ve been awesome though.

  6. My girls don’t get the “I’m sorry, you’re welcome, or thank-you” in it’s proper usage. BUT they do give it a good try.


  7. Damn, you are cold-hearted. My Ian stopped the whole screaming his head off routine at bedtime and has now switched to “Mommy?? Mommy?? PEESE? Ah dun, Mommy!”

    And, umm, it works.

  8. With my brothers it was, “I sorry.”

    They would scream it at you if you scolded them. Which never got them out of anything.

  9. I too would start looking for something wrong in the house. Altough I was babysitting once and my charge got out of bed, but when straight into the time out area. But I would still look for something destroyed in the house.

  10. Ha!

  11. Ian: It is with deep regret that I am unable to accomodate your request at this time.
    Sarah: as if, get your rats ass back in bed
    Ian: Mother, I am dissolutioned at your lack of perspective into my spritual and emotional development..
    Sarah: Mr. Man, it’s sleepy sleepy time! (Crapola, where did I go wrong?)

  12. Oh that’s so funny! They are hard to resist in those moments — but at naptime/bedtime I can resiste pretty much anything! 😉

  13. I try that same technique with my wife and it never works. Tell Ian we should brainstorm on some new ideas.

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