It Going to Be a Good Weekend (plus new searches)

This weekend we will be going to an undisclosed location in Florida to get really really drunk hang out with some of my friends from college. The good news is we aren’t taking the kids. The bad news is that I will not have any internet connection. The other good news (shut up, it is my blog, I can have more than one good news per bad news) is that I have lined up some superfly bloggers to entertain you while I am too drunk to type relaxing by the lake.

Keep an eye out for Rachael from CrankMama, Karen from Vodkarella (formerly Troll-Baby), Beth from So the Fish Said…, Chris from Rude Cactus and maybe a surprise or two.

In the meantime, besides my hundreds (I’m not kidding either) of hits from people searching for midget porn and hermaphrodite porn and Doodlebops without Makeup, I’ve had some doozies this month.

For those of you who are new to the place, and new to blogging, there are actual things that people have typed into google or yahoo. Here are a few of the other search terms that have brought you here to Sarah and the Goon Squad:

Bob Geldof antipope

tell the guy dressed up as a dancing chicken what to do

motivational poem for bulimics

I wish I was clever enough to write one that wasn’t distasteful.

“snakes on a plane” bathroom boobs

Maybe you had to see the movie. I don’t get this one at all.

Trent Green’s haircut

Tammy 28 Celtic Frost

How can I stop my neighbor from mowing my yard?

I wish I knew.

Gordon Ramsay crying.

Pictures of Brett Favre crying

“Hand me that piano”

cinnamon midget porn

Steve Vai’s underwear

Tammy Celtic Frost Chicago

It isn’t that I haven’t said all of those words, I’m sure I have, just not in that order. And probably not all in one post.

Teach my ass photos

XXL buttplug

Thanks for THAT visual.

Ravens bowling pictures

Do you mean the Baltimore Ravens?

That is all. I talk to you guys next week.

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  1. Why would you want to stop your neighbor from mowing your yard? I say mow away dude…. I just rely on my old favs The MKX surf Mom and A naked Gabby Reese to get my hits.

    Have a great week end sister…

  2. Have a blast.

    I love those. I’ve only had one google hit on my blog so far. Yours are funny as hell.

    “tell the guy dressed up as a dancing chicken what to do” Seems a little long winded for Google, but maybe I’m wrong. People are funny.

    “motivational poem for bulimics”, I swear to god I think the homeless guy on my street could help this person out. He sells poems and his sign says he’ll write you a poem about anything.

  3. Enjoy your vacation and do several shots for me!

  4. “Maybe you had to see the movie. I don’t get this one at all.”

    Because you get all the other ones?

    My favorite leading to my blog this week was “Gruffalo poo.”

  5. I’ll be in Florida, sans Internet, too! Only I’ll be with the family. I’ll still probably manage to get drunk, though. 😉

  6. Have fun! Wave to St. Pete for me (my home town).

  7. Have super fun.
    We promise not to harrass your guest posters.
    Ok, Maybe a little.

    Jamie, St. Pete (where I currently live) waves back.

  8. Wait. I lied.
    St. Pete waves back to MammaLoves and just says ‘HI’ to Jamie.
    (I’m so easily confused. I should probably not have had that 4th beer after work)

  9. Okay, wait. If I order the “teach my ass photos,” will the photos teach my ass stuff or will there just be photos of your ass teaching us stuff? I mean, it’s not like it makes a difference, ’cause I’m interested either way, I just wanna know.

  10. I’m too busy trying to wash the XXL buttplug image out of my mind to leave a comment. Ick.

    I really, really hope you’re bringing Chutes and Ladders to the lake.

  11. Ugh–so jealous. I’d like to stay at an undisclosed place in Florida and get drunk without the children around. Actually, I’d be happy to go to the bathroom in my house and read my Africa issue of Vanity Fair without my kids barging in.

    Have a great time!

  12. Guest bloggers? You are big time!

  13. jeanette says:

    My neighbor just mowed my lawn the other day and it didn’t even need it. He was doing it for free to show us how awesome his mowing skills are because he wants us to hire him for $25 a week! F that! I can think of a lot better things to spend 100 bones a month on.

    I found this blog a long time ago because of some weird Google search but I can’t remember what it was. Dang!

  14. I’ll be watching for the horse head to resurface. Hope you’re having fun!

  15. Wohoo! Bust out the horse head! :)

  16. Hope you’re having a great time!

  17. interesting

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