Randomness Part 80

Who says Yahtzee isn’t dangerous?


Right here is the dance that is going to win us the BlogHer dance off. Y and Jenn don’t stand a chance.

Did you know the naked baby from the cover of Nevermind is about to turn 16? He can almost drive.

Sorry, that is all I’ve got. It’s been kind of a boring day here. You know, unless you want to hear about how one of my cats keeps peeing in my dirty clothes baskets.

At least I hope it is one of the cats. Technically I have no proof that it is cat pee.

You don’t want to hear about that do you?

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  1. I can’t imagine being in jail and having to tell the big guy who wants to be my “friend” that I stabbed a man over Yahtzee. I bet people leave him alone because he is unpredictable. The dance is hilarious. Is there really a dance off?

  2. You KNOW I LOVE that DANCE!!!!!

    I gotta learn it too.

  3. The Nirvana boy was cuter as a baby.

  4. I believe Gabe is peeing in the dirty clothes.
    But I can’t say why.
    Just seems like his sort of evil.

  5. People whom I am old enough to mother are graduating from college and getting married. I did not need to know about that naked baby now old enough to drive. Especially after hearing “menopause” from a doctor’s mouth.

    But I’ll let it go because you made me laugh. That is HILARIOUS!

  6. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    That dance. The clothes. It’s a wonder anyone ever got laid in the 70s. Although, y’know…thanks, Mom (1973 represent!!).

  7. Aannnd now I feel old. Thanks so much 😛

  8. No,no,no Sarah! That dance is NOT for the dance off. That is the line dance grand finale. Karen already committed to a different dance and there is no backs. So, suck it up. Ha! Think of all of the BlogHers who will be doing that dance all at once. FAR superior to two or three doing it. We will all bring the house down.

    Now come up with a new one so Y and I can kick your butt! *grin*

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