What Does Simon Cowell think of Neil Diamond and other Searches

1) Who types “what does Simon Cowell think of Neil Diamond” into google?


2) How did they end up here?

Yes, it is time for the next installment of Google Searches that brought people here to SATGS. Behold the madness:

Chlamydia pink eye


“living eyebrows” paprika

The Hell?

my laundry smells

vegetable oil, diarhea

discussing penises

big butt midgets

drinking game can’t show teeth yelling

This person must mean “Calling All Vegetables”. Have you ever played that? I am always “Pea”.

pictures of Laura Bush in a bathing suit


For your viewing pleasure, and the searches of thousands (I shit you not) behold Moe Doodle without makeup:

Moe Doodle

courage of the Force M.D.’s

I know that without it The Minnow would be lost.

wall to wall carpet Broncos

mmmmmm cock

I’m not making that up either.


And now I would like to answer some of your Googled questions:

Who is the old exorcist lady in Poltergeist?

The character is named Tangina Barrons. The actress is named Zelda Rubinstein.

What’s brown and sounds like a bell?


kids laundry what do you use?

Tide Free.

Are Bob the Builder and Wendy married?

I don’t think so. They live in separate trailers and they don’t wear rings. They do seem to share custody of Pilchard, the cat. Maybe they used to date? I guess that isn’t really answeing your question, but I do what I can.

What is a goomah?

Comàre (pronounced “goomah”) is the Italian word for godmother, which has come to mean “girlfriend” or “mistress.”

conjunction junction what’s your function?

Hooking up words and phrases and clauses.


[picture by Pam Pierce via dontpulltherope.com]

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  1. Bob and Wendy are totally hooking up. I think they live in trailers as a metaphor, you know, because you hook up a trailer.

    My personal opinion is that Wendy is really into Bob, but he’s just using her until something better comes along. Because deep down, Bob is really a tool.

    See, that’s another metaphor.

  2. LOL, the first one (the pink eye) is pretty common, but wow, Simon Cowell and Neil Diamond, and the rest…LOL how do they end up at your blog (I always wonder that at mine too LOL).

    Of course for the last one: SCHOOLHOUSE ROCKS!

  3. You know, I was able to pick that picture out as one of the Doodlebops right away, without even reading. I just wonder why so many people want to see that.

  4. Can we get the rules and how to play that drinking game? I need something to liven up my Saturday nights, after doing google searches for “mmmmm cock” and midget porn.

    I have always thought that Wendy was using Bob, because he’s good with his hands and his tool. *wink wink* And am I the only one that thinks the cats name used to be a sexual slang word, or similar to something that was dirty… Could be just me.

  5. You are a wealth of information.

    And Kate just cracked me up!

  6. But what does Simon think of Neil? More importantly, what does Neil think of Simon? Thanks for the visual of Moe as it is exorcising the image of Laura in a bathing suit lying next to George, who, of course, is in a Speedo.

  7. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Schoolhouse Rock = awesome.

  8. Dang…Moe is hot!

  9. I need more info on that drinking game. Sounds fun too me. You get some crazy Google searches. Then again, some people are just nuts. Who’d search for “my laundry smells”? Duh, you just wash it. How hard is that?

  10. And the winner is “Chlamydia pink eye.” Good gravy!

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