Some Gender Stereotypes are True

Part of my plan to potty train The Goon Squad is bribery. Gabe prints (or technically in this case, Grandma printed them up because we were at her house on July 1st) up two calendars each month. One for each kid. Every time somebody pees or poops in the potty they get a sticker.

You know how “they” say that is is easier to potty train girls than boys?

Check out The Goon Squad’s potty training calendars for July through the 8th:

potty charts

Belive the hype.


Any and all compliments on the new look should be directed towards Karen. She saved me after I accidentally deleted the link to my blogroll. She is the Goddess of all things blog.

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  1. Absolutely believe the hype. My daughter was trained almost two full months before her twin brother even gave it a try. Good luck!

  2. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Whoa. Nice new look. You’re going all fancy and retro on our asses.

  3. Lol…Now I had the opposite problem. My son? 1 day. My daughter? 1 year. Yeah, she had issues.

  4. I haven’t even begun to think about it yet. I really wish someone else would step up and volunteer to do it!

  5. Not in this house…She refuses…at 3 and a half.

  6. I have heard girls are easier from some of the parents I work with and then others swear their boys were easier. I think it really depends on the child. I had a friend who shipped her kids to their grandparents for potty training. I liked that idea best of all.

  7. Morgan trained earlier than Tanner – but don’t confuse that with easier. Tanner wouldn’t even try, and then one night, we switched him to underwear, he was done. Poopy, potty – all within about a week and about 5 accidents total. It was amazing – the key for him was REAL underwear. Good luck!

  8. I love the new look! And I really like the sticker idea. It seems to be working for at least one of them!! :)

  9. As the mom of two boys, I believe the hype.

  10. hey i love the sticker idea but i see a problem right away for the one that’s doing great.. there’s only one spot for a sticker. are you going to up the ante if you get both or more than once? also.. do you have a male role model for the boy that can “show” him how? my mom calls it making bubbles in the potty. I have 5 nephews that went through potty training when i was around. she always swore consistency of putting them on the potty would win out. catch them doing it right and it helps. i dont know how many times I “yeah!ed” for kids going to the bathroom, but it’s a lot! Good luck.

  11. I think it all boils down to the persuasiveness (i.e.-bribe-ability) of the child. At the time, my son, who trained just after 3, was promised everything just short of nirvana, with no results. No amount of cajoling, watching other kids, etc., had any effect. Eventually, rivers of pee running down his leg (I switched to cotton training pants) finally made an impression and he trained in 3 months.

    My dd trained somewhere around 2.5 yrs. She, unlike her brother, would sit on the potty 50 times a day if rewarded by a Skittle. As a result, she was trained in about 5 seconds flat. However, I did notice that although she was trained younger, she did have more accidents than her bullheaded, older brother.


  12. Potty training? you mean you can teach them to use the toilet? So when does that happen cos I have like a 150 dollar a week huggie bill right now.

  13. HA HA HA!!! I have twin 4.5 year old boys ans we did the whole calendar thing too. (It worked really well for us but with little stars instead of stickers – too many on one day in the end! We also gave them three stars for pooping in the potty – they really dug that.) But, for the longest time one little man’s chart was competely blank – I’m talking several MONTHS when one was filled and one was blank! Best of luck!

  14. I’m still a tree. Now I’m on the other side of the blog. *sigh*

  15. Yeah, with three boys I’ve just decided to wait until they decide diapers suck. I’m two for three so far, but Son #3 has been more wiley than his brothers in every other way so he may blow my whole plan apart.

  16. The new look is rockin. Nice work Karen.

    Good luck with the charts — my kids aren’t very bribable, so stickers never worked for us. Hope it works for Claudia at least.

    Oh, and also? Your kids are so freakin cute. Holy cow.

  17. I think it depends on the kid. Thing 1 practically trained herself at 2-1/2. Thing 2 is just now gettting there at past 3 and it is still a struggle. At least she’s peeing in the potty now. Still no BM, though. She had a major fear of release. I wouldn’t let her wear nightgowns (she’s very girly) so what finally got her to get over her fear? A Tinkerbell nightgown. And lots of M & M’s. I think I may need to buy stock in Excedrin.

  18. I just snorted coffee all over the keyboard.

    We have that too..but it is for GOOD BEHAVIOR.
    The calendar is empty.

    Can you say he doesn’t give a shit???

  19. Just started potty training this week. Two girls. And we have a modified calendar (the less pressure version – not date based, but one sticker for every time they are successful). They seem excited…

  20. I have Irish twins (11 months apart). They’re almost 3 and almost 2 and the boy is older. Absolutely, no way will she NOT be the one who is potty-trained first.

    Of course, this incinuates I may actually getting around to potty training either of them one of the days (years).

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