Chatty Cathy: In the Flesh

Claudia has been talking for days. Nonstop.

She stops when she sleeps, but for most of her waking hours she has been keeping a running commentary of everything as it happens. She is like a crazed auctioneer.

Claudia yappingCan I have a banana? But I want a banana? Why don’t we have any bananas? I want a banana. I want a banana, Mom. I’m pooping. Water! I need water! May I have some water, please? WAAAAAAATER!!!!!! Ian is eating strawberries. Ian has strawberries, Mom. My baby wants me to rock her in the rocking chair. Can I rock Keisha in the rocking chair? Ian won’t get out of the rocking chair. MOM! Ian won’t get out of the rocking chair. He is rocking his baby and I want to rock my baby ALL BY MYSELF!

Just like that. All day long. I’m not even sure she takes breaths between sentences.

It is not as if I’m not used to noise. I myself am quite the talker, but at least I take breaths.

Do all three year old girls do this? Will it stop? People at the grocery store laugh at us.

I’m going to ask Gabe to buy me a sensory deprivation chamber for Christmas.

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  1. I used to be that chatty. My Mom said her eyes would glass over and when I’d notice I’d ask “Are you listening?” a dozen times in a row. I grew out of it when I turned 10. That means you have seven more years to go. :)

  2. It isn’t just 3 year old girls. 3 year old boys do it too. My son has been like that for a while now. On the up side, it prevents his sister from being a chatty Kathy as she can’t get in a word edgewise, though if he does ever stop talking, which rarely happens, she picks up where he left off. I hope this stage ends soon, like before they turn 4 in Oct.

  3. Must be that age. Thing 1 used to do that around that age. Once, we were in the car and she was doing her stream of consciousness thing in the back so DH and I tried to have a quiet conversation in the front seat. She stopped us, saying, “Hey, guys! I’m talking here!”

    Now Thing 2 is 3 and she’s doing it now. Would it be wrong to wear earplugs for the next year?

  4. Yep, I think they all do it. My nieces are five and almost three and they both talk non-stop. I think you’re in for a long ride.

  5. emily still does this and she’s 6 :)

  6. Yes. I heard somewhere that the average four year old girl asks 438 questions per day. So you have that to look forward to.

  7. Noodle didn’t talk until she was 3. Now we say things like ‘you can talk to yourself’ but she then says ‘no I can’t, I don’t listen to myself…ha ha ha ha ha.’
    we’re in trouble.

  8. “a sensory deprivation chamber”–I’d like to borrow that when your finished. My son is the chatty one—and now’s he’s 8. I really need the “sensory deprivation chamber.” Maybe I’ll just buy my own.

  9. You just need to sing — again and again and again — “Yes, we have no bananas. Yes, we have no bananas todaaaaaaaaaay.” Repeat 25 times.

  10. You know that old adage, “Once a cheater always a cheater.”? In my experience, once a talker, always a talker. My daughter is almost 15. She never shuts up.

    Sorry. I know this isn’t the news you were hoping for!

  11. 3 of my 4 children talk like this and have since they learned how to talk. They all spoke very early, and everyone said how lucky I was. Really? Maybe they should come spend a day in my house!

  12. my friend’s little girl is 5, and she never stops talking. only, with her? she just repeats the same sentence over and over until you acknowledge her.
    like this:
    ‘daddy yong yegs don’t bite. daddy yong yegs don’t bite. daddy yong yegs don’t bite, do they?’
    and then you have to wonder, where is this daddy long legs? there must be one very close, or why the hell would she be talking about this.
    and then you realize that she’s staring at your torso. where the daddy long legs is.

  13. Yeah… I’m going with the “once a talker” theory too. My husband can chat long enough to make a teenage girl hang up the phone in search of some peace and quiet. My three year old does exactly the same thing now. In fact at the moment, she is sitting in the bathtub having a nice conversation with the hot and cold water handles. I don’t anticipate it going away anytime soon.

  14. I know some 30-something girls like that.

  15. HA HA HA HA HA…. Did you clone my daughter? My original thought for a comment was going to be…she must be 3, but you said it, and I guessed right. Go see the most recent pic on my blog of my daughter………… that’s what her mouth looks like ALL DAY LONG, she even has been known to talk in her sleep!

  16. It’s a good thing you weren’t on that Continental flight where the 19-month old boy and his mother were kicked off because the child was too talkative.

    I don’t know what this world is coming to anymore…

  17. Claudia is so funny !!! You just reminded me of Adam (I want to say last year). He would talk non stop , non stop and then he would start to say garbage like: gooda, bali,boo,datoo, jilu ..(This happens in the evenings)And I would say : Adam what are you saying? what is the matter? And he would say: I am too tired to use the right words. Well how about stay quiet for a minute son ???
    He would rather fill in the silence with just any noise that comes out of his mouth :)
    I think now he talks a little less but much louder .
    No I spend my days saying: Adam lower your voice, Mommy is right here !! :)

  18. Hi Sarah,
    Just wanted you to know that I really enjoy reading your blog…I like your sense of humor…I have you on my blogroll. I have twins, too….22month olds….whew, never a dull moment..


  19. OMG, try listening to “choo choo” for four straight hours! That was when he was 2. He’s now 6 and still talks constantly, but he will take some quiet time if you ask him to.

  20. Izzy just turned 4 and people laugh in public at him all the time. He never. ever. stops. talking. His lastest is to ask what everything is made out of.
    “Mom? Is this shirt made out of cotton or silk. It feels soft like silk but I think it is made out of cotton. Moooommmm!”
    “Mom? Are balloons made out of rubber or plastic?”
    And his latest today…”MOOOOMMMM? What is water made out of?”
    How do you answer that?

  21. My friend got one of those Sensory Deprivation tank things for a gift, like a visit to one.
    And he said at the end, right before they opened it – he hallucinated Earnest Borgnine.

  22. Mimi did this, and still does (although not quite as incessantly as she did between the ages of 3 and 4).

    I bet the other moms of girls who see you in the store or out and about just smile inside. I’m sure they totally get it.

  23. Your Mother says:

    You’re kidding right – Miss Vaccinated with a Phonograph Needle Mother of Claudia??

  24. And it keeps coming with the seven-year-old, too — non-stop!

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