Uncomfortably Numb

I can’t feel the lower left half of my face.

I just got back from the dentist. I had some work done and now I have that crazy numbness going on.

Plus, apparently, Novocaine makes me loopy.sarah's mouth

I am hungry, but I am afraid to eat or drink. I’m scared I would chew on my tongue. Yes, I am exactly the person that would do something that stupid.

How long do you guys think it will be before this crap wears off? My stomach is growling. That will teach me to schedule fillings for 7:00 in the morning.

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  1. I hate that numb feeling. It only seems to last a couple or three hours for me before totally gone. I recall it easing up fairly quickly, within an hour? But it’s been a while.

    Like the new look!

  2. There are dentist who schedule appointments at 7 in the damn morning? WTF? Was that really a good time for you?

  3. One word: Milkshake

  4. Usually takes a good 3 or 4 hours for it to wear off on me!

    What? you are able to get out of the house at 7am?

    I take it the twins stayed home…

    But really, some day I can get out of the house at 7am??

    *starry eyed stare*

  5. De in D.C. says:

    I had some work done on Tues and it took five bloody hours for it to completely wear off. However, I also apparently have Super-Nerves(Tm) that require 3-times the normal amount of novocaine in order to deaden all the nerve endings in my mouth. I was numb from my eye socket, across my nose, over to the ear and halfway under my chin for a single tooth on the upper left. Fun. Real fun.

  6. Actually you were probably smart to schedule so early – maybe you will be able to feel your face again before dinner.

  7. Is that Billy Idol?

  8. At least you can use novacaine. I’m allergic to all of that so for me major dental work includes an anesthesia team and even then that doesn’t work as proof from when I had 2 wisdom teeth cut out and woke up in the middle of it in pain lol Shocked the hell out of the surgeon needless to say but luckily that’s all I’ve had besides the pulled teeth and braces. No cavities or root canals, perfectly healthy teeth. Good luck with that and like the new look :)

  9. Two words: Beer. Straw.

  10. dude. weird. I just got back from a filling too. I can’t feel my face.

  11. The worst is when you try to smoke a cigarette or drink from a straw!


  12. remind me to tell you about the time I got two teeth pulled…and then, with a mouth full of novocaine, went to buy my very first bras at a department store. That wasn’t humiliating at all.

  13. Hope its worn off by now! I have nerves like De and have been known to be numb from my forehead to my chin. Hmmmm, I bet I am due at the dentist….

  14. I’m always afraid of swallowing my tounge while their working on me. You know, because you hear of that on the news all the time. “woman swallows tounge while denist stands there with drill…tonight on the 7 o’clock news.”

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