I Want to Marry The Kennedy Center

One of the coolest parts about living in this area is that I get to go to shows at The Kennedy Center.

I just got back from seeing “The Phantom of the Opera” there.nmdcf_kennedy-center2

I know you people that live in New York and get to go to The Met or Carnegie Hall and get to see shows on Broadway all of the time aren’t impressed, but I love the Kennedy Center. It is really beautiful.

One of the things I want to do before I die is go to the annual Messiah sing-along that they have every year.

Shut up. I never said I was cool, but I have repeatedly stated that I speak just to hear the sound of my own voice.

Do you want to know one of the other nice things about The Kennedy Center? You can use the Washington Monument and The Lincoln Memorial to figure out where the hell you are when you get lost driving in D.C.

My birthday is in December if anyone wants to buy me a GPS.

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  1. Exactly how I felt when we went to the Hollywood Bowl…so beautiful…

    If I come visit…will you take me there?

  2. I wanted to marry the “Garden” when I was younger…

    I understand!

  3. De in D.C. says:

    HAHAHAHA. I’ve lived here my whole life and I still get lost (well, not lost, I “miss my turn” yeah, that’s it) every single time I drive downtown.

    Other thing to love about the Kennedy Center – the Millennium Stage. They have cool, free shows (often kid-appropriate) in the lobby. I haven’t taken advantage of this in a few years, but used to go all the time to hear some of my favorite local swing bands.

  4. I want to go to the sing-along too. Does that make us both geeks, or somehow slightly more cool?

  5. My favorite part about the Kennedy Center? Beer on the terrace. But then, you already know that.

  6. The year I lived in DC I loved going to the Kennedy Center for shows. I was really broke, but they had so much free stuff.

  7. oh i totally want to go to the messiah sing-a-long. I’m sure you know how crazy it is to get tickets to it. It’s free but tickets are required and you have to go stand in line and every year I think, This is it! This is the year I do it! But then line day comes and it’s just too much.

    But this year? Is it! This is the year I do it! I’m ditching the kids with the husband on line day and getting me some tickets!

  8. Have you seen the Kennedy Center at Christmas when it is wrapped with a big red bow to emphasize its boxiness? Hilarious.

  9. I heart my GPS. I get lost pretty much everyplace I go. My hubby got sick of me calling him saying I was lost and needed directions then he got me the GPS. Just sayin (wink, wink)

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