Fine, but it is going to be tough getting through The Andes.

The kids are playing.south_america_map

Ian: We’re going all the way to China.

Claudia: But I wanted to go to Argentina!

Me: Did you just say Argentina?

Claudia: Yes. Argentina.

Me: (speechless)

She is three years old. How the hell does she know about Argentina?

Claudia: We’re going to ride our scooters all the way to Argentina?

Me: (still confused about Argentina) Fine. Don’t forget to wear your helmets.

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  1. Oh, how funny! Does Diego rescue some animal in Argentina or something?

  2. Maybe it’s time to let them watch the movie “Alive.”

  3. I was gonna guess Dora, but Diego sounds plausible too.. Don’t you love it when your kids just blow your mind by coming out with something you had no idea they knew! I love it.

  4. Totally off topic but I got a catalogue today in the mail and thought of you. A WHOLE page of Hello Kitty stuff!

    * HK Toaster- even toasts the HK image onto the toast!
    * HK DVD Player- which of course comes with matching remote!
    * HK TV- which of course goes with the dvd player and the remote :)
    *HK Boombox- for the complete Hello Kitty bedroom!\
    *HK Digital Camera
    *HK Popcorn Maker
    *HK Alarm Clock
    *HK Manicure Set

    and just to prove that I am not just teasing you (even though I am sure that as a HK freak…. you know about all this stuff already) here’s the link to the catalogue :) Enjoy!

    P.S Sent you some cool pics in an email :)


  5. Your blog looks different to me. I was reading this post and got all confused thinking you were guest posting somewhere and then I realized this IS your blog. I think I might need more sleep or something!

    Anyway, your daughter sounds a lot like my son. He got all interested in Egypt a few months ago and now knows everything about it. I have no idea how he even knew Egypt existed. We have some smart kids. Apparently all my intelligence was sucked out when my kids were born and given to them as evidenced by me not even knowing I was at your blog when I first started reading this.

  6. Michelle says:

    impressive. sounds like the Wonder Pets must have saved some baby animal there!

  7. It’s the damn television, I tell ya. It’s all… EDUCATIONAL now. Bah!

  8. Little guy thinks Argentina is something Pete made up. He has told me, “Argentina’s not real, mom.”

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