Me in 10 Seconds: BlogMe ’07

Blog me in 10 seconds

Since you are supposed to be able to read this in 10 seconds. I will be brief and say that Mocha made me do it.

Something About Me You Need to Know for BlogHer that You Can Read in 10 Seconds:

If you are participating in the Cool Mom Picks BlogHer Photo Scavenger Hunt – I have a pink cell razr motorola

That’s right. You heard me. 10 points. Right here.

(That was less than ten seconds, right?)

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  1. Oh my God! I have the exact same phone. They only had one grey one left and I let my husband have it. I even wrote a blog post about the pink cell phone.

  2. I have a different pink cell phone. Maybe they could get double points if they took a pic with both of us on our pink phones. That’s gotta be something.

  3. I wasn’t going to play but you’ve made it too easy so I will tackle you when I see you and then take a picture of the phone. Or else I will lick the phone. Or you. I can’t remember how this works.

    In any case, I can’t wait to see you again, Sarah!


  4. Feel free to lick my phone. Ian does it all the time.

  5. And I have white phone — if we are photographed together does that = 20 points? WOO!

  6. Another reason to stalk you. Bwahahahahaha!

    I’ll be wearing black nail polish. Just a heads up.

  7. Okay, so I’m sad about missing BlogHer (again. weep), but I’m a little relieved no one’s going to be following me around trying to get a picture of my boob shooting milk. (Fifteen fat points baby! Flash me! Lactating Mom Gone Wild!)

    And aren’t you a candidate for “she who writes for the most blogs”? Don’t you write for, like, six hundred and twelve different sites?

  8. Hey Sarah – sorry for the unrelated comment here. I would be happy to send you the code for the Team Whymommy button, but I don’t have your email address. Could you send it my way please?

    And I will be stalking you and Mrs. Chicky to get a picture of both of you at the same time. I wonder if that would get bonus points.

  9. I feel so left out – my cell is red.

    Hope to meet you in Chicago!

  10. I soooo wanted that one and at the last minute traded it back for silver. Maybe I’ll steal yours.

  11. I just bought some black fingernail polish tonight.

  12. My cell phone is pink too, but it is the Miami Ink edition designed by my pretend boyfriend Ami James.

    I wish I was going to BlogHer. I live right near Chicago, but my husband will probably be out of town and I never got off my butt to register and find a babysitter and everything (plus I am scared to go). Have fun though!

  13. I also have a pink cell phone and I wear a size 7 1/2 and sometimes size 8 shoe.

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