The Potty Training Continues

Another day of potty training, another pair of Dora underpants with poop in them.


(How gross would it be if I posted a picture of that? Ick.)

On a much happier note, Ian peed in the potty yesterday. He was standing up and everything. We clapped and yelled and cheered. It was lovely.

Stickers work for Claudia. Candy works for Ian.

He wanted circle candy. The kind that Grandpa got for him. I assumed he meant Hershey’s Kisses. The bottom is a circle and when we were in Tampa earlier this month, my Dad was bribing The Squad to drink milk by offering them Hershey’s Kisses.

I gave Ian a chocolate kiss and he totally lost his mind.


The freakshow wanted gelt. gelt

Maybe a year and a half ago my father gave my children some gelt. I don’t even know how he remembered it. He is only three years old. I’m guessing he wasn’t even two yet the last time he had gelt.

Plus, it tastes pretty gross.

My boy, who knows almost nothing about any religion is after Chanukah candy in the middle of July.

Grocery shopping today is going to rule.

You know. As strange as it is, if it works I’ll do it. I am beginning to get desperate with this whole potty training thing. School starts in September and I just know that Ian is going to be the only kid in his class still wearing pull ups.

Except maybe his sister. She is doing a great job with the peeing, but the pooping isn’t going as well. I know if she ever gets constipated all I will have to do is put her in a pair of Dora the Explorer underpants and within 15 minutes Dora and Boots will be befouled.

I guess that is something.

Okay, we’re off to the store to buy bananas, gelt, pull ups and beer. Lots and lots of beer.

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  1. We are currently enduring Potty Training 101. At the recommendation of the fraud-that-is-Supernanny, we decided to cut our daughter off cold turkey from pull-ups and diapers except for at night. I mean, little Nathan did it on TV so why can’t we?

    I won’t go into the sordid detail but the poor Dora panties have been desecrated over and over and over again….

  2. I’m currently on day 5 of pottytraining my last child, and my only son. The first three days i let him run around naked from the waist down, and besides a few very small starter puddles on the floor(he’d start to pee then coming running to the potty) and one big poo, everything went in the potty. He earned underwear yesterday and he’s doing great with keeping them dry and he even poo’d in the potty today for the first time. The only reward i’ve given him is lots of praise. This technique worked for my twins last summer too so i was hoping he’d take to it just as easily. Now my oldest daughter….that was hell training her. I can hardly believe it but after nearly 7 yrs doing diapers…there appears to be an end in sight!

  3. There’s a potential drinking game in that combination, I just know it.

  4. I was just thinking (after changing two of them) that poopy pullups are gross. Bring on the gelt and beer.

  5. If you can’t find any, let me know. I think I might still have some that my husbands parents gave my kids. I don’t think it goes bad, does it?

  6. JamesMommy says:

    Hahahahaha! You poor woman…..hahahahaha! I’m sorry, I really am sincere in my sympathy. I think my laughing is just nervous energy as I have vacation in August and we are going to “get serious” about potty training. I can only imagine. Now, where in the hell did I put that gelt?

    Oh, were you able to con a neighbor to help with the Dr’s appt. or were you subjected to that lovely little corner of hell this week, too?

  7. all i can say is good luck… and m&m’s worked for us :)

  8. Ah… “Gelt”! In my house, where everything relates to The Pirates of the Caribbean at one point or another, those are called “Treasure Coins”.

  9. The gold coins are a stocking stuffer tradition in my husband’s family. My kids love them, I can’t stand them. They don’t taste like real chocolate. If you have a Michael’s or an A.C. Moore (craft stores) you might try there. That was the last place I saw them and it was way off season.

  10. Gelt in July? I hope you find it. If not at a store, I’m sure Google can find it for you.

    My brother was in diapers until he was 4 years old. I wouldn’t worry about Ian. He’ll get it.

  11. World Market has chocolate coins all year long…

  12. victories are victories. whether small or not. congrats on those.

    my kids love gelt too. yuck i say.

  13. Party City has chocolate coins too.

  14. Caity is starting pre school in August..IN pullups….I am hoping the peer pressure, look what everyone else is doing thing will work for her.

    She is almost there now…she copies the daycare kids.

    Fingers crossed.

  15. My daughter was potty trained….. yup I said was. She has this week regressed and made a conscious decision that she would rather pee in her pants, and poop in them. I have that exact same pair of Dora the Explorer befouled pants rinsed out and sitting by my washer right now….

    What parallel lives we lead…..

  16. This post really made me laugh because my daughter JUST (like 10 minutes ago) pooped in her Dora underpants. My husband was the caregiver at the moment and he THREW THE PANTIES AWAY! Honestly, men are such babies. Just dump the poop and wash ’em out!

    As others have said, party stores often have chocolate coins. I’ve also found gelt in the bulk candy section of an upscale grocery store. Good luck! My daughter pees for Rolos.

  17. I saw gelt in my grocery store the other day and wondered why it was there out of season. I’m guessing there are other kids who pee for gelt?

  18. Your dad could host his own potty training game show “Gelt or No Gelt?”

    As for bad tasting gelt, don’t get the generic gelt at Party City, that stuff tastes really awful, you’ll need to go to or something like that and order some of the real chocolate gelt.

    Or you can just come over to our house. I think I may have a bag or two laying around here somewhere.

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