Randomness Part 85

For your viewing pleasure:

Don’t put him down as arrogant. (Thanks Frank Sucks)

I can’t get two people to smile at the camera at the same time and somehow they got 1500 inmates to do the Thriller dance. (Thanks Jeff)blow up doll and Victoria Beckham

You are going to think I’m insane, but I think I like Victoria Beckham. If you missed the special (as I did) and be charmed (as I was) by someone who you thought was just a stupid Spice Girl (like we all did).

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing just watch this part with Perez Hilton.

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  1. I watched the Victoria Beckham special with my son and we both thought she was hilarious. The part when she was interviewing the personal assistant. I was roaring. The part where she went to the neighbor’s welcoming party. Hysterical. My son said, “Whoa, plastic surgery central!” Those women were bizarre. I would have to get drunk too!

  2. Sarah, you are not alone. I watched it, because sometimes a train wreck is fun too see, but I loved it too. I want them to continue with a show for her. She cracked my ass up. Strangely I found her to be kind of normal….well as normal as a wealth celebrity ever is.

  3. What really hit me is how smart she seems at times.
    Maybe it’s bad of me, but I really didn’t expect a “Spice Girl” to have anything other than sawdust between her ears.

  4. I LOVE her after seeing this the other day. I actually watched it twice I loved her so much. She cracks me up!

  5. that video was the highlight of my day. and i got the harry potter book, so it wasn’t like i had a shit day or anything.

  6. The thriller video rocked! Thanks Sarah. I couldn’t watch the Victoria Beckham stuff though. Kept saying the clips are’nt available in my area. I’m sure I saw an ad for the show coming here soon though. Will make sure I watch it :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me your message of support… It was a rough week dealing with idiots so thats why i’ve not been around for a while.

    Hope to see you in August Paula

  8. I had no intention of watching the Victoria Beckham thing, then Best Week Ever talked about how great it was so I watched the re-airing. I hate to say it but I was converted too, and I had a deep dislking for her.

  9. I was surprised to see that she actually seems nice. And smiles! Every picture I’ve ever seen of her, she’s always looks so stuck up and miserable. At least now I know it’s on purpose.

  10. Thanks for linking the Posh video, Sarah! I LOVE HER NOW.

  11. Frank Sucks says:

    I’ll admit, I watched Posh Spice, and I liked it, even though she looks kind of weird and her husband is much more pretty then she is.

    AND A onetwothree, a onetwothree!

  12. Well I did see “posh’ in the mocumentary and she/it was bad and I mean BAD.

    But I saw the Spice girls movie years ago and it was great!


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