Coolest Thing Ever

My friend Lori has some question for you about cameras. I promised her that I would ask you a long time ago and then I completely forgot.

I do things like that a lot.


My swag came. My swag came. My swag came.

[jumping up and down like a lunatic]

The best part?

My key chains open beer.  

This is crucial, people. Sierra Nevada no longer has twist off caps.

Okay. Back to what I was saying before. Lori is getting ready to invest in a new camera. Now for her questions. Take it away, Lori.


1.  What’s the difference between the Nikon D40X (NOT THE D40) and the Nikon D80? (other than the lens that is packaged with it?)

2.  Being a complete amateur, which would you buy? – considering I’m interested in becoming better and the videographer in the house is wanting to try his hand at it.

3.  Any input from Canon lovers?  Convince me why Canon is better, aside from the price.

4.  I see there are other manufacturers of lenses, other than Canon/Nikon, (ie. Sigma, Mercury) any thoughts here? Is it worth buying the real deal or are the cheaper manufacturers just as good? 

Let us know if you have any advice on cameras. Oh what? What was that? You need to see my superfly SATGS key chain bottle opener again? No problem.

superfly keychain bottle opener

You all know you want one.

If there are any left after BlogHer there may be some contests where you can win one. Then you can think of me every time you open your beer.

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  1. I will come visit you in VA if you save me one.

  2. Lori:I have a canon and I like it. I wouldn’t say it’s the best, but it was a gift. The pictures are good, but for my next camera I want a more zoom. Sarah: I like your swag.

  3. Way cool! Can you tell me where you ordered them from and if you were happy with their service? Thanks!

    Re: the camera. I prefer the Canon for 2 main reasons (I have one of both).
    1. The price, as you said. The rebel xt is totally fab for the price. The older rebels are also fab, and even cheaper.
    2. Th ease of use, particularly for an amateur. The Nikon makes their cameras for the “old boys club” in my humble opinion and they’re tough to navigate. The Canon has all the same features but calls them by normal names and there’s tons of free help if you need it. It’s harder to get help for Nikons.
    Just my two cents, as a fellow amateur.

  4. I love the keychains. Still waiting for pictures of the other cool stuff you got today (hint hint).

    I also love my Nikon. Here is a site that helped me make my decision when I got my camera:
    It has very dtailed camera reviews and comparisons, including 28 pages for the d40x!

  5. I would almost book a flight from Nashville to Chicago JUST for your swag.

    BEER SWAG no less.

    I have a feeling this will be one of the more popular items! 😉

  6. Screw winning one – I want one as a wedding present!

  7. NICE! I’ll trade you a PunditMom magnet and pen for the key chain! 😉 See you on the plane!

  8. Pant pant pant!

    Covet covet covet!

    blah camera talky-speak, can’t take a decent picture to save my damn life, am no help, blah

    Want swag! Want swag!

  9. I have three Canons and love them all.

    The PowerShot is great bang for the buck, good size, great resolution…. dummy-proof software. The only downside is a slow shutter speed and with two fast as the speed-of-light children, they can be in the shot when you press the button and gone by the time it takes the picture.

    The Digital Rebel XT is amazing…. takes fantastic pictures, good (quick) shutter speed…. is a little bulky like most SLRs tend to be, but….. I love it and it works w/ all the same software as my PowerShot. The Big Dubya got me a new lens for my birthday and I love it all the more!!!

    The Camcorder is also Canon (Elura) and takes great movies… takes good pictures too, nice & compact and again…. uses all the same dummy-proof software. I’m embarrassed to say, we just don’t use it enough…. we really need to be better about that.

    I don’t know anything about Nikon — other than it’s a good brand — you probably couldn’t go wrong with either. I like the Canon because it’s easy to use…. I’m not a photographer, so I want it to be straight forward.

    Good luck….

    PS — Love the keychains…. you are the coolest!

  10. The keychains are awesome! Yet another reason that it sucks that I can’t go this year. *pout*

  11. Girlfriend, you scored yourself some fine ass booty.

  12. you better send me a damn key chain RIGHT NOW DAMMIT.

    I have beer to open.

  13. I don’t even drink beer, but I want one….lol. I could use it to open my husbands for him, wait…he doens’t really drink beer at home….shit. I’m running out of reason for you to send me one….

  14. You are too much. Can’t wait to get my hands on that opener, although vodka bottles DO have screw tops so…

    Re: cameras, I am a true “rebel.” I went with the Sony A100 DSLR. It’s cheaper than the Nikon D80 but still has the same “steady shot” technology (not available on the Rebel or D40)…Plus, it’s lighter than all the others (key for me) and came with zoom lens (a $200 value). I kinda feel like I know a secret that no one else knows when I use my camera since every is SO focused on going the Nikon/Canon route. (ooh also, Sony cams use Minolta lenses, an extra bonus)

  15. You better have some of those with you at dinner!

    I have no good swag to offer. I suck! It will be a miracle if I have cards that are ready.

  16. Very cool keychain and it multitasks!

    I prefer Canon. I had a Nikon and it broke 13 months after I bought it which was one month after the warranty expired. I’m still bitter about it. The camera was okay though. I have a Canon S2 IS and it rocks.

  17. I think you need to save a few for your friends. Otherwise, I will continue to make you open beers with an opener that plays the gamecock fight song.

    Just saying.

  18. I want one I want one! Oh wait, I’m your damn roommate. I get one, right? OMG I CAN’T WAIT FOR THURSDAY!!!!

  19. I have a canon rebel xt with a canon 18-55 lens and a sigma zoom lens. I haven’t seen a difference of quality in the pictures between the two lenses. I would buy another sigma in a heartbeat.

  20. I don’t have any idea on the camera…

    but the keychain…. KICK ASS!

  21. I’m a Canon lover, but Tier 1 camera manufacturers are really equally reliable. It’s a question of which menu system makes sense to YOU, and what feels right in your hand.

    Before we went digital, I was a Minolta user, and the Sony A100 is a fabulous camera at a great price.

    So, not really helpful on the which one to buy question, but I can come out in complete support of Sigma lenses. They make great quality lenses for amazing prices and often there are more options than the manufacturer makes themselves. The one exception to this is the Sony, but that’s because this is only it’s first year of life. It will get better as time passes. I’ve also used Tamron lenses but in the last few years I’ve heard their quality is dropping. I’ve never heard of Mercury, but maybe they just don’t ship up to the great white north.

  22. Hello Sarah’s Friend Lori!

    Ahhhh, the which camera do I buy dilemma! I love photography dilemmas, I love to just jump right in them and freak out splashing around until I get all pruney.

    Canon vs. Nikon – both these companies are excellent. It’s just a matter of preference. I chose Canon because from what I heard, Canon announces the new thing and puts it out. Nikon announces the new thing, and then builds it, and THEN puts it out, and sometimes that space in between is really long. Like over a year. That would drive me crazy. But again.. anyone who tells you that one is better than the other is just crazy. BOTH. EXCELLENT.

    With that out of the way, I think you should buy CANON! BEcause that’s what I have and it ROCKS! :) (kidding. buy whatever you prefer.) In fact.. I would buy whatever your friends and/or have. Then you can borrow lenses and try them out and chat about it more easily. That is probably why I bought my Canon – my dad has a 5D and a load of lenses and my friend has a 20D.

    Lenses – I don’t think a blanket statement about whether or not to go with the non-Nikon/non-Canon lens. It depends on you and your budget and how serious you are. If you’re really serious and have a load of money, then get the Nikon/Canon lenses. That said, there are loads of Signa and Tokina lenses that are really good too. Find the sites with the reviews, immerse yourself in the dilemma, read all you can while you splash around and get all pruney.. and by the time you climb out you’ll have a good idea of what will work for you.

    I give a lot of good links in a post of mine you could check out that gives a lot of basic info on cameras/lenses, and also some reviews. The post is basically me thrashing around in the dilemma pool, and then what I decided when I climbed out :) It’s pretty long winded but you can always just look for the linked parts :)

    if you do go with nikon, ken rockwell is like Mr. Nikon, and has a load of nikon reviews, so definitely don’t miss that his site.

  23. um, and hi sarah! nice keychain!

  24. I love love love love love LOVE my Canon, it’s the S2 IS. It takes great pictures in any setting on the auto setting, and the manual adjustments are easy to make to get a great photo also.

    I can’t wait to crack open a beer with a SATGS keychain!@!!

  25. I know diddly about cameras. But your keychain looks way cool. Have fun at the big event!

  26. I already think of you when I open my beer.

  27. I have a Canon Rebel and adore it.

    Hey, how come I didn’t get a beer opener. :sob:

  28. The keychain rules, people. Absolutely rules. It so much kicked the ass of my sad little cheapie business card. Next year? I’m going to bring swag, too.

  29. I loved the keychain that I got at Blogher!

    Thank you soooo much!!!!!

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