Spinning My Wheels

I have been running around the house like a maniac all day long. We haven’t gone anywhere, I’ve just been running aournd the house.

And I can’t get anything done.

The kids are finally napping, but since Ian fell asleep in his bed and Claudia fell asleep in my bed I can’t pack for me OR for them.

I have to have all of this done by the morning.

Who else thinks I’ll be throwing in one extra load of laundry at 5:00 am?

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  1. Don’t forget to pack emergency beer. For you, not them.

  2. Oh wait, you can’t take beer on the plane with you. Just leave it for me.

  3. Such is my day every day

  4. two words: to ga

  5. I hear ya. And I’m not even going anywhere.

  6. You poor woman. Yes, 5AM laundry is in your future.

  7. Ah yes, the joys of last minute packing. See, if you never put the clothes away you can pack in the living room right from the laundry basket and don’t have to worry about people sleeping.

  8. The Squad’s going with you? Hope you all have fun! I’m going to the Blog Business Summit in Sept. Doesn’t sound nearly as fun but fits my needs better than BlogHer. I am going to try to catch BlogHer business next year too.

  9. ballerinamommy says:

    Ok, so this really doesn’t have much to do with your post –

    I just found your site – I too am a mommy, but I’m not a mommy blogger…….more like a mommy blogger lurker…….anyhoo, upon discovering that you live in the DC area, I have two very good friends who are interior designers, if you ever need the hook up…..

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