American Airlines Comes Through in the End

Even though I still have great animosity towards Mary and I am still peeved about the cancelled flight and non-apologetic tone of the people at the gate when they did cancel my flight, American Airlines does have some kind and responsible employees.

I got a call yesterday from the pilot that flew me from D.C. to St. Louis. (I assuming he is a pilot. He referred to himself as “The Captain”. I guess he could just be a flight attendant with a really funny nickname that speaks about himself in third person.)

The Captain said that he found my drivers license on the plane.

I wish I had written down his name. I would tell you how wonderful he was.

He is sending me my drivers license.

Customer service is not dead. I mean – it is in the customer service industry, but some professionals still care.

(ps – I am sitting next to Bossy as I write this, and you are not. Well, unless you are Jessica and then you are too, but the rest of you aren’t.)

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  1. Oh, I see, so you get a little bit of good fortune and see fit to rub the noses of the unworldly peons in your bloghery goodness? Nah man, it’s cool, Karma won’t pay any attention to that AT ALL… ;p

  2. I was all set to say YAHOO and be so happy for you but then you went and were all MEAN and crap, like sooooooooo unecessarily. I rescind the PHHHBBBBTTTT sent to Mary and send it to you!

    Ahhh yes, like Flutter said, it’s cool, nope no karma points there. 😉

  3. I saw your photos so I won’t say I hope you are having a good time…I will say I am glad you have had a great time. :)

  4. sarah i am floored. last night i had a stressful dream that i was supposed to fly and i did not have my driver’s license. it was nowhere to be found. and i had no idea this happened to you. weird.

  5. I’m sure he is a handsome young man in that pilot uniform. YUMMY!!!!! Maybe he’ll send a picture with your id? HAVE FUN! Try not to loose it on the way home.

  6. Isn’t it nice to know some people really do still care about others??

    Pay it forward, girl…

  7. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy when I see good things happening. May good karma go back to “the Captain”.

  8. That is so freaking cool – yay for the Captain. Let him know I’m a big fan of Muskrat Love.

  9. Awwwwwwwww.

    You’re still a retard for losing it, though.

    :) Kisses!

  10. i was looking for you in chicago, but then i realized that i wasn’t exactly sure what you looked like…bummer. i shall study your flickr carefully, and next year i will be prepared .

  11. That is great to hear.

  12. I am glad you finally found a human to help you.

    And yes, sitting next to Bossy is a true privilege.

  13. Sorry we didn’t get to fly together to BlogHer as planned, but I am SOOO happy I finally got to meet you. I know … since we live so close, I really had no excuse. But it was fun!

  14. Jesus Christ on Buttered Toast, humanity does exist. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to hear about these acts of kindness.

  15. Good to hear you (and your DL) made it home after BlogHer. It was really nice to meet you at the conference and I appreciate my nifty new bottle opener. Hurray for cool swag!

  16. Was she really “all mean and crap?” I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and found it funny, and assumed she meant it the same way. I guess that’s why people think I’m a bitch while I think I’m freakin’ hysterical. :-)

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