Way Better Than Sting

I will try to get around to telling you more about my trip to Chicago (aka the obligatory BlogHer recap post) but in the meantime this picture goes out to all of you bloggers that chose going to see The Police at Fenway instead of going to BlogHer.

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(If you can’t read it, Mrs. Chicky and I are holding a sign that says “Way Better than Sting”. And while it may not be true, it sure is funny.)

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  1. I love the sign. Is it wrong to say that I don’t like Sting all that much? I mean, I can do a fabulous rendition of Roxanne…while drunk.

  2. What about those of us who did neither? 😉 LOL

    And now let me make you jealous LOL:

    Going to Broadway version of High School Musical. WOO HOO

  3. Your Goon Squad bottle openers certainly got a work-out this weekend. Thanks for sending them up to Kara.

  4. Too true, my friend. But we’re going to have to find another reason to get together because I can’t go a whole year without seeing you again!

  5. That’s funny

  6. I’m sure glad you chose Chicago!

    You’re one hell of a gal. So glad I got to meet you.

  7. looks like you’re way too good a time there Sarah


  9. What? There are Goon Squad bottle openers? What???

  10. i would have chosen blogher over sting any day of the week. and twice on tuesdays.

  11. Yeah, I couldn’t go to BlogHer…
    But I’m going to see Sting tomorrow!!!!!!!

  12. I think I have a new blog crush. Mrs. Chicky IS way better than Sting.

  13. Popping in to say hi–it was so good to meet you!

  14. DEFINITELY better than Sting.

  15. Even Sting’s Wife would agree BlogHer was better than Sting. Bossy *loved* meeting you.

  16. I think you’re right.

  17. Nice, nice, very nice. What-ever.

  18. Now, if it had been Springsteen, I can see why someone would skip BlogHer. Glad you had fun. Waiting to hear more.

  19. Stephanie says:

    That shocks me!! Jimmy Buffett at Fenway (shrine) is one thing… but The Police????????

  20. So for some of us meeting you FINALLY was music of its own! (not that Sting isn’t very very adorable….)

  21. See, That is why I went to the Miami show. I got my Sting fix before BlogHer.

    And it was TOTALLY worth it.

    BlogHer better than Sting…..it’s a close one…


  22. Frank Sucks says:

    I saw The Police at MSG Wends. night. Sorry Kidd, I’m sure it was better then Blog Her, and you know how much I love a bunch of drunk mothers on holiday.

  23. Hah! Some of us, like myself and Adorable Girlfriend, were able to do both. Of course, we almost missed the Sunday night Police concert because of typical airport delay shenanigans at O’Hare, but both events were highly worthwhile. It was fun meeting you and Mrs. Chicky at the rocking party!

  24. This is so very funny, especially since you were are so clearly jealous of us. And I am told we spoke at length about Guitar hero. And we used these wonderful little bottle openers. And we lamented that the concert and Chicago were so far away.

  25. This is comedy gold.

    For years my boyfriend and I have maintained that Sting’s general attitude is “I’m Sting, and I’m better than you.”

    I’m so glad we’ve finally been proven wrong.

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