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Your Money Is Mine, Blog Pound

We interrupt our normal schedule of drunken rants to talk trash. Tonight is the Blog Pound fantasy football draft. In honor of this, I present you with a list of people whose money will be mine come January. (In alphabetical order – just like on Dallas) BIYF Bump Child’s Play x2 CroutonBoy Kaiser Kemp LA […]

Rethinking Your Decision

I know that you people voted almost unanimously for drunken rants from my vacation instead of guest posts, but I just read my last two posts. After I fixed a bunch of spelling errors (at least now my post from yesterday makes more sense – sort of) I began wondering if you aren’t regretting your […]

How to Make Lumpyhead’s Mom Shoot Beer Out of Her Nose

If you are playing the drinking game ‘categories’ and the category ‘One of your toes’ comes up, just yell “THE ONE THAT ATE ROAST BEEF!” And this lunatic will spit beer right out of her nose. This other jerk keeps making me drink. What kind of freak shows play drinking Chutes and Ladders and knows […]

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

You wanted drunken rants? Go tell Lumpyhead’s Mom happy birthday, even though that jerk made me do a shot when I lost at poker. The Goon Squad made it through the six hour drive. They fell asleep 15 minutes before we got to the house. Hmph. More rants later. I’ve got to get back in […]


Is Castro dead or not?

On the Dollar Store

I’m driving the kids to beach this week and I went to the dollar store to try to find them some toys for the beach and some crap to keep them occupied on the five or six hour drive. Believe it or not, I went to three dollar stores on Friday, thus tripling the amount […]

Are You Talking to Meme?

I haven’t done a meme in a long time. It isn’t that I mean to not do them, it is just that I forget, and then lose the link or e-mail or whatever. If you tag me and I blow you off, just remind me. I’ll try to get around to it. What I am […]

To Some of You, This Will Sound Like Blah, Blah, Blah

I had my first fantasy football draft last night and I got Willis McGahee in the fourth round. WILLIS MCGAHEE IN THE FOURTH ROUND. Granted, there were only eight teams, but still, I feel kind of like a badass. I also got Larry Johnson with the fifth pick. Am I going to kill these people […]

Randomness Part 86

Well, it is looking like everyone prefers drunken rants to guest posts. Consider it done and done. Now, I have to go get ready for my first fantasy football draft, so I give you Randomness Part 86: There is no way these guys are going to heaven. Speaking of not going to heaven, Devra sent […]

In Your Hands

Next week I will be vacationing at the beach. Here is my question for you. Would you prefer guest posts from coherent people, or sporadic drunken rants from me? I’ll leave it up to the commenters. Normally, this place is a cheerocracy, but for today it will be a democracy.

A Good Way to Attract Attention

Let’s imagine for a moment that you and your daughter decide to both put on your bossy shirts and wear matching ponytails for a picture so that you can put it on the internet. Then picture yourself forgetting that you match and going to Trader Joes. You will get a lot of attention.

We Are Bossy

We Are Bossy Originally uploaded by Sarah606 A lot of people already knew this (hi Mom and Dad!) but Claudia and I are, in fact, quite bossy. It’s true. You can ask Gabe and Ian. (You can get your own fly bossy shirts over at I  am Bossy.) Special thanks to Bossy herself for adding […]