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I never really considered what kind of reaction my children would have to seeing somebody they knew on television until today. Devra was on the Mike and Juliet show this morning.

I said – “Hey, look guys! Devra is on tv.”

So Ian started talking to her.

Can Devra hear me?

No, Sweetie. Devra can’t hear you. She is in New York. She is on the tv.

So he kept talking to her.Robot-Metropolis

I thought that this was a strange reaction. In a way I figured that they wouldn’t even react. We look at pictures of the kids on the internet all of the time. I have uploaded videos of them onto YouTube and we have watched those ad nauseum.

Then it occurred to me.


We talk to my parents on the webcam about once a week. I don’t think they understood that Devra was just on television. I think they (or at least Ian) assumed that Devra could hear then and then talk back to them.

It kind of made me feel old. I remember when we didn’t even have a VCR and my children have never known a life without webcams and TiVo and YouTube.

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  1. Devra was on tv???? Cool!

  2. I found some old cassette tapes of my husband’s the other day…from the 80s. And I took journalism 101 in 1987 freshman year of college and typed my stories on a TYPEWRITER!


    OK off to take my daily Metamucil. 😉

  3. Now that’s really interesting.

    Cool for Devra and you use a Webcam? Cool!

  4. Yeah, back in the old days when the only people I knew on television were kids who were in the audience for one of those kiddie shows.

  5. That’s funny… we don’t have a web cam so Paige has never reacted like that, but I do think it’s funny that we met our local news meteorologist at an event they sponsored ths year and now every morning my daughter exclaims “Look Mommy, It’s Scot Haney…. my Boooooooyfriend!!!!”


  6. This has nothing to do with your post….but I know that this is you. It totally has to be.

    3. i’d want him to be my baby’s daddy!!! :)

    Posted at 11:47AM on Jul 30th 2007 by sarah is coooooool


  7. When Bossy was a tyke she used to walk behind the TV to see if she could grab Bert and Ernie. That was after she fetched the water from the well and saddled up the pony and cart.

  8. My kids use the webcam too, on which Daddy is constantly waving to them. The other day my Ty asked why all the people on the Today show kept waving to him…

  9. Louis used to have a meltdown in hotels or my folks house when we couldn’t REWIND the TV.

    He also doesn’t get it when we can’t rewind the radio…….

    ah progress.

  10. I remember not having a VCR but I can not remember you not having one. I am pretty sure you were the first people I knew with one. How else are you supposed to watch Grease 5 times a day?

  11. I was the spokesman/hack where I worked right smack dab in the middle of union negotiations. We were gearing up for a potential, ahem, “labor action,” so I was on TV a bit. My kids were freaked by it. And my oldest was supremely jealous. So I stopped telling them when I was on.

  12. When I was little I thought people on the TV could see me. This false sense of reality was reinforced by the children’s show “Wonderama” as the show began with the entire audience waving their arms in the air. I thought they were waving to ME. Naturally this created an issue at our house because shortly after viewing “Wonderama” I refused to watch TV if I wasn’t fully dressed and no, pj’s did not count. “Mommy, I can’t be in front of all those people in my jammies!”

    Evidently I still have some residual issues left from those days. Remember”Romper Room?” The host never held up her magnifying glass and said “I see Devra!” I still am angry about it, I should do some rage-work with myself. I need to build a bridge and get over it.

    At least Ian saw me!

  13. Can someone please please tell me why I am still a tree?

  14. We just got a webcam for ourselves and for my parents (who just moved away from us). We’ve used it a few times and Zoe is totally clueless. She just watches Grammy and PopPop like they’re a tv show. I’m hoping she catches on soon.

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