The Aftermath

I know I should have posted this a couple of days ago, but I was too busy reading what everybody else was saying about BlogHer.

Just like last year, I already miss people, my Google reader is about to explode with all of my new subscriptions and my liver hurts.

I miss being Sarah.

I love it that when I go to BlogHer I am not Mommy. I am not daughter or the twin mom or the wife. I am Sarah, and people like me for being Sarah and that feels really good. When Rebecca Woolf came up and introduced herself to me (as in “Hi, Sarah, I’m Rebecca” like she knew who I was) I almost passed out.

I won’t bore you with all the details, and if I linked to everyone who made me giddy we would be here all day. I’d just like to say that this year almost everyone made me feel welcome and it was much less like high school than last year. AND the panels were interesting this year. I highly recommend you go next year.

If you do, I’ll see you there.

(Either way you can see all my pictures here.)

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  1. Loved meeting you, Sarah. It’s so cool that we live close enough. We can have a VA BlogHer anytime we want :)

  2. Last year I said I’m GOING in 2007. And well, as you know that didn’t happen. But I will say that I really, really, really hope I can go next year. lol

  3. I know how you feel. So many people to meet but so little time to do it! I’m just lucky I got to spend the day on Sunday with you and Devra. It really made my day a million times more amazing!

  4. Suburban Oblivion says:

    I miss being Sarah..err, Sara too! 😉

    I will be meeting you there next year, hopefully we will be out of potty training hell by then??

  5. Darn you and your photos, now I’m REALLY BUMMED I didn’t go. I know all those people!!!! SNIFF!

  6. I sooo wanted to go this year and be a newbie and learn stuff, but instead I went away for four nights with hubbie. The Colorado mountains were worth it, and nobody called me mom, but I secretly missed all those cool moms in Chicago. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your blog.

  7. i can’t believe you remembered me from last year. you rock.

    and i still haven’t written my thoughts, either. too busy trying to add everyone to my reader. i still haven’t found them all.

    but i found you. and your giveaways were cool. i can’t use it for beer, but i can for lemonade!

  8. After all our lunch efforts I was particularly happy to meet you (and notice the size and choiceness of your posse!) I’m bringing pizza over there before Labor Day I hope – or at least Columbus Day! AND Kimberly is right – we should have a DC/VA/MD Blogher. What a great idea!

  9. I’ll have to come next year, because seeing all the fun photos and hearing all the stories makes me kinda sad that I didn’t go.

  10. I am crossing my fingers for next year. If it happens I hope to be tagging along with your posse :)

  11. Glad you had such a good time. I wonder if I’ll ever go. I was laughing at some of your photos of the Chidren’s Museum. I have a photo of my 2 year old at that very turntable and my friend’s son on the drums that was taken just a few weeks ago…

  12. Oh I am SOOOO goin’ next year. I keep reading all these great re-caps.

  13. I’ve felt a little like Cinderella coming home from the ball. I LOVE being Momma, truly I do, but wasn’t it great having a few days of just being…well, NOT Momma?

  14. If it makes you feel better, you are always Sarah to me. Even when we were both chomping on Tums like they were crack, swollen with twins in our tummies.

  15. I loved meeting you (as Sarah or however), and thank you again for the excellent goodies! Glad we were able to share a little bit of the floor together in the back of the session room, and glad to get to know your blog, too!

  16. Yes, I’m going through withdrawl also. I miss everyone, and miss feeling like I’m someone. Now I’m back to my regular old life, which is far less glamorous.

  17. It was great to finally meet you, even though we didn’t get to talk for very long. Sorry I was so brain-dead when you first walked up to me and introduced yourself. I know I probably had a wide-eyed look going on there for a minute while my mind went, “This woman looks familiar. I know that I know her. WHO IS SHE?” I was meeting so many people for the first time that my mind was on sensory overload. :)

  18. Great photos… here I am sitting at my laptop with a glass of wine; I feel like I’m really there…. 😉

  19. I’m sorry we didn’t get to take the same flight there as planned (damn the weather, damn American Airlines). But I’m so glad I got to meet you and hope we can catch up soon.

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